What Happens If You Swallow Sperm? [Serious Warning]

What Happens If You Swallow Sperm

Spit the sperm or swallow it? What is a better option during oral sex? Whenever you move far from safe sex, you are at risk. Health practitioners warn people against such unsafe practices. STIs are sexually transmitted infections, far more horrible than other infections. Oral sex prone you and your partner at the highest risk of STIs.

With this said we answer the question: What happens if you swallow sperm?

Ingesting someone else or even your own sperm increase the risk of STIs( sexually transmitted infections) such as herpes, HIV, gonorrhea, and allergies. Semen contains strains of unseen viruses of life-threatening diseases. It’s better to spit and avoid oral sex without contraceptives.

The risk of STI transmission varies from person to person. It’s difficult to access the risk exactly. Condoms and dental dams are a few measures, still, they dont guarantee 100% safety. Some diseases even spread through just contact. 

What Is Semen Made Up Of

Semen is male sexual excretion that is creamy in texture. It is largely made up of sperms. It is composed of two parts i.e, fluid and sperm.

About 1 to 5 % of semen comprises sperm. These are reproductive cells with genetic information and many more traits to reproduce offspring.

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The remaining 80 to 85% of semen contains water or fluid. The chemistry of semen indicates the presence of some other substances like

  • Citric acid
  • Free amino acid
  • Fructose
  • Enzymes
  • Phosphiorycholine
  • Prostaglandins
  • Potassium
  • Zinc

What Happens If You eat Sperm

Is It Safe To Swallow Sperms Or Cums

Hygienically, it’s unsafe to swallow sperm because it can cause sexually transmitted infections. The names of some infections transmitted are herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Ingesting semen is also responsible for HPV human papillomavirus that causes throat cancer.  

Although the components of semen are safe yet it contains unseen virus strains. Only microscopic studies of semen can detect the harmful strains of viruses. The chances of human immunodeficiency virus increase with swallowing semen. It’s better to avoid this practice.

Symptoms Or Side Effects Of Swallowing Sperm

Oral sex is strictly prohibited as it increases the chances of semen ingestion. If a person has STD or HIV he should never develop sexual relations with a healthy person. He is a carrier and can transmit infections vigorously to a healthy person. Below are potential side effects of swallowing semen. 

  • HIV
  • Herpes
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Ulcers
  • Lesions
  • Throat Cancer

Some side effects are long term such as ulcers, while few take no time such as herpes and HIV.So becareful to use contraceptives if you are going for unprotected sex. Most of the infections caused by this practice are non-treatable. 

What To Do If You Swallow Sperm

After reading the horrible side effects of ingesting semen, nobody would like to do it again. But if you have already done it, what should be the next step. 

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What to do if you swallow sperm? Stay calm if you have no symptoms. It does not mean waiting for symptoms, stop this practice immediately. You are at the risk of carrying sexually transmitted infections, herpes, HIV, HPV, hepatitis B, and many more.  Get your blood work done to make sure you’re safe.

Is There any Benefit Of Swallowing Semen or Sperm

As compared to long-term risks, the benefits of swallowing sperm are too few. It requires further research to prove the effectiveness of gulping sperm. 

There are two potential benefits of exposure to sperm i.e, stress reliever and decreased chances of developing preeclampsia(pregnancy disorder). However, research is in progress to confirm the above-mentioned benefits. It does not mean you should start ingesting it deliberately. The harms attributed to ingesting semen are life-threatening.

Why it is believed that semen is a mood booster? Research shows that semen carries antidepressant ingredients such as endorphins, prolactin, and oxytocin. It can affect the mood considerably. Remember it’s just exposure not ingestion of semen.

Semen Allergy Symptoms

Ingesting smen may also result in semen allergies, though it’s rare. More data and research is required to prove that the reported cases are affectees of semen allergy. About 40,00 females re-reported in the USA having allergic symptoms after exposure and ingestion of semen. Below are symptoms of semen allergies reported so far

  • Redness in eyes
  • Throat swallowing
  • Gums Irritation
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pain in Mouth
  • Itching

The symptoms are different according to the age and health condition of females. The severe symptoms that require immediate medical treatment are respiratory distress. 

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People Also Ask

Is Men’s Sperm Good For Women’s Health?

Yes, research has proved that exposure to men’s sperm can boost female mood. It can improve sleep by reducing stress levels. Exposure does not mean ingestion or swallowing. It could be ejaculation through intercourse. This research requires more studies. 

Is It Good to Swallow My Own Sperm?

Swallowing your own sperm can be risky if you’re a carrier of infected diseases like herpes, HIV, HPV, and allergies. If your blood test shows n symptoms or carrier of the above disease, it’s safe. Never try this unless you’re ST-free. 

Is Sperm Good For The Skin?

The anti-inflammatory qualities of sperm can make you question its effectiveness for the skin. So far there is no clue and data to prove scientifically the usefulness of sperms for skin diseases. It requires more research. However, there are many cases reported of semen allergies. So, never try sperm exposure to skin and mouth frequently.

Is Sperm Good For Acne?

It’s true that sperm contains antioxidant qualities. However, there is no ongoing researched and proven fact that sperm can treat acne or other skin problems. Further research is needed to prove this fact scientifically. So far there is no evidence of using sperms in anti-acne medications.


Health warning for oral sex lovers! Not try swallowing sperm. It would increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections and allergies. Remember 99% of infections transmitted through sex are untreatable such as HIP, throat cancer, hepatitis B, and herpes. 

All unprotective means of sex are extremely dangerous. Try to use condoms if you are into this practice. 

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