What Does A Star Tattoo On Each Shoulder Mean? (All Secrets Revealed)

what does a star tattoo on each shoulder mean

“Stars are high, stars are bright, and we love to be a shining star”.

Stars and tattoos have a strong connection. Both are always loved, admired, and desired by everyone. But why is a star tattoo more popular? Wandering to know the secret behind a star tattoo? Of course, yes. Let’s discover!

What does a star tattoo on each shoulder mean? Normally, a star tattoo on each shoulder is a sign of ambition, authority, an honor like a medal, or triumph. It shows one’s aspiration to get all these heights above the sky. But for inmates, it symbolizes criminal activities such as disobedience, a vice authority, and mutiny against the state.

Star tattoo designs are unique and beautiful, packed with diversity and symbolism. A star can be a guiding symbol, a reminder to follow your goal, whereas, for an inmate, it could be an expression of “power” and “a criminal authority”.

Let’s dig deep!

What Does A Star Tattoo On Each Shoulder Mean

Since ancient times, tattoos have been supposed to have a strong motive and some hidden meaning behind their creation. Sometimes tattoos represent a specific purpose such as the declaration of a movement, an identity of a particular tribe, gang, or sect, etc.

There are several meanings and reasonings for a star tattoo. Sometimes it symbolizes hope and determination to reach the sky. But for many prisoners, it represents the person’s criminal authority and a revolt against the Soviet government or other states.

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But currently, the star tattoos are loved by everyone. No matter whether he is a criminal, an officer, a sailor, a prisoner, a common man, or a celebrity star.

What Do Star Tattoos on Shoulders Mean To Guys

What does a Russian star tattoo mean for an inmate?

Star tattoos in Russia carry different meanings, especially for revolutions and criminals.

For instance, a star tattoo on the shoulders of a prisoner conveys he is a criminal authority and loves to command others. Whereas a star on the knee symbolizes that the person will never bend in front of anyone.

What does a star tattoo mean for an ordinary man?

The meaning of a star tattoo is different for a common person compared to a criminal.

Usually, a guy loves to have a star tattoo on his shoulders as a symbol of hope, guidance, bravery, courage, and adventure. While some others carry a star tattoo just for the sake of fun and beauty.

Therefore, you can’t relate all kinds of star tattoos with inmates and crime because many types of star tattoos have no connection with the crime. 

does a star tattoo on each shoulder mean

What Does A Star Tattoo on Shoulders Mean To Woman

Star tattoos are chic, look pretty, and are all-time favorite among girls, and women of all ages. Do star tattoos also hold some meaning for them?

For a woman, a star tattoo is a source of motivation. It displays light, ambition, stardom, love, and guidance. But most women get a star tattoo just because it’s trendy and looks gorgeous on their shoulders.

A star tattoo on the shoulders, neck, and back is more in vogue regardless of its meaning, specifically because stars always look beautiful.

5-Star Tattoo Meaning

No wonder, star tattoos are of many types and styles. People choose a specific star to describe the purpose of having a tattoo. Nautical stars, northern stars, pentagrams, shooting, and trailing stars are more common star tattoos. 

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Generally, a 5-star tattoo or a pentagram conveys two different meanings. If a 5-star tattoo is pointing upward, it symbolizes harmony and security. On the other hand, it is considered to imitate a ram’s head and symbolize Devil.

Some star tattoos are of religious importance and harbor religious feelings, and beliefs.

Star Tattoo Symbolism And Their Style

No doubt, star tattoos are significant and carry tons of meanings depending on their location on the body and a particular regime. But many people love star tattoos just because they always look fabulous, decorative, and stylish.

Plus, star tattoos never look boring, or outdated. You can have a single star, a star track, or a bunch of stars whatever you like to express your personality, ambitions, hopes, struggle, and life.

Star tattoos are the popular choice of men and women because they are nice, versatile, and packed with reasoning and symbolism. Celebrities also value star tattoos to ink their bodies and to convey a personal message. 

What Do Star Tattoos Mean On The Face

Mostly, people carry tattoos on their faces to depict amazing thighs about their personality. While a star tattoo looks incredibly beautiful on any part of the face like the forehead, chin, or temple. 

Most people choose a star tattoo on the face just to adore themselves with no meaning at all. Some women own it as a symbol of struggle, a long journey to achieve high, and stardom. While for men, it symbolizes guidance, honor, bravery, and much more.

Star Tattoo On Wrist Meaning

The meaning of a star tattoo is not the same for everyone. It varies from person to person depending on their priorities, habits, profession, and interests.

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Generally, star tattoos on the wrist hold the meaning of hope, a person’s desire to become a star, to guide others, high dreams, success, and special achievement. A single star indicates power, authority, and success whereas a trail of stars shows a long struggle or journey, ambitions, and success.

Star Tattoo On Hand Meaning

Star tattoos are versatile and you can ink your hands to convey an intimate message or to enhance your looks. From a single star to a constellation, a star trail, or a milky way, all look amazing.

Just as the stars shine in the darkness, a star tattoo on your hand depicts your personality, the truth, hope, intuition, guidance, success, destiny, and much more.

Black Star Tattoo Meaning

Generally, the black star tattoo represents the North Star as a symbol of hope, journey, and destination as well. 

It means guidance, control, protection, good luck, and destination. As the north star is used to guide sailors, navigators, and travelers. A black star tattoo reminds you of your ambitions and a divine power that will guide you.

Final Thoughts

Star tattoos are the most popular and versatile tattoo designs ever. Surely, star tattoos are rich in symbolism with a lot of meanings. Moreover, star tattoos look stunning, stylish, and expressive.

Regardless, a star tattoo on each shoulder is considered to be a source of inspiration, a challenge to conquer, a strong desire to achieve high, a long journey ahead, success, stardom, a stamp of authority, and much more.

Having a star tattoo is pretty exciting and worth trying whether you know the meaning behind it or not. Of course, tattoos are excellent works of art. And, when it comes to star tattoos, they are just amazing. But it would be superb if you identify the meaning too.

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