What Happens If You Swallow Gasoline? [Symptoms, Side Effects, Treatments]

what happens if you swallow gasoline

Vehicles run with gasoline. If someone mistakenly swallows gasoline, would he run like a car? Is it okay? Would gasoline make you explode like a grenade? Would your stomach get hot if you swallow gasoline?

Everyone knows that gasoline is toxic. So, it is necessary to know the causes, symptoms, or harmful effects of inhaling, drinking, or swallowing gasoline. For this, read this post. Here you can get all the related issues of gasoline inside your body.

Let’s start with the topic: What happens if you swallow gasoline? Swallowing gasoline is weird. If you consume gasoline, it can affect your body parts. If you drink huge amounts of gasoline, your body will experience serious and long-term health issues. In most cases, inhaling larger amounts of gasoline can be fatal. People working in gasoline operating stations can easily become victims of carbon monoxide(gasoline).

If someone wants to try a suicidal attempt, he/she may try to swallow a gallon of gasoline. Doing this is an awful and even scary experience, but we can endure it with careful attention.

What Happens If You Swallow Gasoline

Gasoline is a fuel, it contains many harmful chemicals. Only a stupid person will fill his stomach with gasoline. Ooh! don’t try to smoke a cigarette near him/her. Just kidding. Here is what happens if you swallow gasoline in actuality?

Gasoline can induce many harmful effects. It can damage your major body parts badly. Since it contains hydrocarbons like benzene and methane. These hydrocarbons are a part of lamp oil, paint, lighter fluid, and kerosene oil. Hydrocarbons if enter your body can be fatal. Even if it may cause lung cancer.

What Are The Symptoms of Gasoline  Poisoning

Gasoline should be in petrol pumps, but sometimes if a crazy guy tries to become a gasoline tank by swallowing it. What would be the possible signs of inhaling gasoline? 

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Gasoline is a toxic chemical. It can stop the blood circulatory system in the human body. In such cases, a small amount of gasoline in your body can kill you.

Some common signs of swallowing gasoline are listed below:

  • headache or drowsiness
  • wheezing or choking
  • stunning
  •  affected voice
  • eyesight problems
  • disability
  • respiratory complications
  • seizures
  • coma
  • arrhythmias
  • malfunction of the heart
what happens if you drink gasoline

What Are The Reasons Behind Swallowing Gasoline

Generally, using a lawnmower at petrol pumps or CNG stations can make the workers inhale the gasoline vapors or gasoline. Such incidents happen in the  following fields:

  • Labourers on a fuel pump
  • Employees in petrol stations, workshops, and mechanics
  • Technicians at cargo  stations and ship loading docks
  • Maintenance and cleanup staff for deep  fuel tanks
  • Operators of oil tankers
  • Employees who find and clean up gas leakage and disasters
  • Workers in a gas plant
  • Farm owners
  • Service provider of lawn mowing
  • Workers at tolls
  • Railway workers and miners
  •  Heavy machinery  operators

What To Do If You Swallow Gasoline

There is no medicine for gasoline consumption. Doctors’ treatment helps the victim’s lungs or hearts to perform their functions properly. They keep them to stay hydrated.

Here is how to handle someone who has swallowed gasoline:

  • Never think to treat the patient at home.
  • Call for an ambulance, and quickly try to transfer the affected person to an open and fresh environment.
  • Loosen the tight clothing of the patient.
  • If possible, take a shower with some soap for 20 minutes.
  • If the symptoms are still going worse, go for a medical check-up immediately.
  • You can drink some water after swallowing gasoline if you are not suffering from seizures.
  • Don’t force the suspected person for vomiting.

What To Avoid If You Swallow Gasoline

Keep away, high danger, as written on fuel tankers. Similarly, move the gasoline-filled person away from the petrol pumps to save his life. Just avoid the following things:

  • In a critical situation, never try to treat the patient by self-medication.
  • Seek instant first aid to help someone who has inhaled gasoline.
  • Do not encourage oneself to vomit.
  • Drowsy patients should be avoided to drink more water.
  • Drinking milk in with severe symptoms is not good.
  • Keep away the patient from the gasoline fumes.
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What To Do If You Swallow Diesel Fuel

Diesel fuel is a byproduct of gasoline. Many heavy and small vehicles run with this fuel. But sometimes people swallow diesel fuel instead of alcohol. It makes no sensible sound. The human stomach never works like a car’s engine, So, no need to swallow diesel. But everything is possible in this world. Emergencies never inform you before happening. Everyone should know the proper way of handling a person who has swallowed diesel fuel accidentally.

Let’s find out what to do when anyone swallows diesel fuel: Diesel fuel is not a safe element. Swallowing diesel can be fatal. If you ignore its presence inside your body, it will affect your lungs badly. Its harmful effects can damage your lungs permanently if you don’t try to treat its side effects immediately. The only advice to fix the health issues is to take the patient to the hospital as soon as possible.

Is It Okay To Swallow A Little Bit of Gasoline?

Do you love your life? Don’t try to taste a little bit of gasoline. It contains life-threatening ingredients, such as hydrocarbons. As hydrocarbons cause serious or fatal health concerns.

Depending on body weight, and age group, its side effects vary for different people. For example, In kids, swallowing ½ or 1 ounce of gasoline will be fatal. About two ounces of gasoline can be poisonous in adults. Whereas, if a person of 70kg swallows 12 ounces of gasoline, it can make him die.

That being said, swallowing a smaller amount of gasoline can be fixed easily. Although it is normal to swallow a little bit of gasoline, prevention is better than cure. So keep away from tasting gasoline even in small quantities.

What Happens If You Accidentally Drink a Little Bit of Gasoline

Many strong and chill drinks are easily available nowadays. Then why drink or taste gasoline, which taste is so bad. But accidents are a part of life. Do you know: is it safe to drink a little bit of gasoline? 

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If you drink heavy amounts, you may experience anxiety, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain  Moreover, it will block the supply of oxygen in the human body. Drinking a little bit of gasoline is not much harmful. However, it is better to avoid drinking or tasting it.

What Happens If Gasoline Enters Your Body

If you are an employee at a gasoline station, you may experience the gasoline inside your body system. It can be risky if gasoline or its byproducts goes inside you with some carelessness.

Once gasoline enters your system, it will hurt the tissues of the lungs. Its toxins can cause blockage of oxygen. As a result, it will make the strong tissues expire. After that, it will stop the blood circulatory system. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Some People Like The Smell of Gasoline?

If benzene and other hydrocarbons are swallowed, they block the nerve cells, producing a prolonged pleasant mood. It causes a euphoric emotion just like alcohol, vodka, or wine.

Can Your Body System Digest Gasoline?

Gasoline cannot be absorbed by the human GI tract. However, the lungs can easily ingest it. That can collapse your major body parts too.

Final Words

In the end, swallowing, drinking, or siping gasoline is not a sensible thing. It s taken as an attempt at suicide. Even if no one like to practice this idea.

What happens if you swallow gasoline? If you’ve, gasoline in big amounts, it will cause serious side effects, such as breathing difficulty, stomach pain, or drowsiness. Based on age, weight, or physical health, it can be fatal after drinking it in large quantities. So, keep away from filling your stomach with gasoline.

Gasoline contains hydrocarbons, which are hazardous to human health. After swallowing gasoline, it will damage the major body parts. Drinking smaller amounts of gasoline can be easily treated. The Human GI tract is unable to digest or absorb the gasoline’s toxic chemicals. But when it goes inside your lungs, you may get lung cancer over time.

Although its smaller amounts are not much harmful, they can make your life at risk with little negligence. Take care, if you don’t like to explode like a grenade by swallowing gasoline.

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