What Happens If You Swallow Styrofoam? (Toxic Secrets U Should Know)

what happens if you swallow styrofoam

Swallowing styrofoam is a mistake many of us have made at one point or another. But if you do end up accidentally ingesting the stuff, here’s what’s actually happening down there inside your stomach.

Be careful if you’re going to eat your lunch on the beach. Whether they’re used to bind materials together in construction or simply in place of a plate at a dinner party, styrofoam is ubiquitous.

But what happens if you swallow a piece? Swallowing a small amount of styrofoam is not harmful. But ingesting its large amount is not safe. It may be stuck in the esophagus, digestive tract, and stomach. As your stomach can’t digest it, so you may suffer many health issues after swallowing it unintentionally.

The “Styrofoam Cups” experiment is simple: cut a hole in a Styrofoam cup and fill it with hot coffee, then drink the coffee. What happens to the foam on top of your coffee? It gets in your throat.

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How Toxic Is  Styrofoam

Generally, microwaving items in PS vessels can cause seeping into foods, but this is doubtful. Considering its relative molecular mass (100K-400K) and hydrocarbons composition, eating styrofoam is rare to have any toxic effects because it is not digested.

Styrofoam contains harmful chemicals such as styrene and diethylhexyl adipate. These toxins can leak out of Styrofoam in tiny amounts whenever react with acids or heat. That is why Styrofoam isn’t regarded as microwave-safe. Because its producing material dissolves speedily by heating. 

But  Styrofoam is harmless to keeping drinks or chill foods. The physician may decide to remove the blockages by pushing them out and then forcing them through the narrow position after a check-up. This is based on the location of the Styrofoam in the body system.

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What is a Styrofoam

Have you ever wondered how Styrofoam is made? It might surprise you to find out that someday scraps of polystyrene from your favorite packing materials may be harvested from your water, but before then, there is a much less natural process. 

Styrofoam is a type of foamy material composed of styrene monomers. It’s commonly used as a packaging isolator. Styrofoam is made from a material known as polystyrene or polymethyl pentene. Styrofoam is a foamy substance that does not disintegrate or dissolve into the body.

What Happens If You Swallow Styrofoam Accidently

As styrofoam is being used in different aspects, like packing material, toys, and even microwave utensils. So, here is a chance to eat it accidentally. But what happens after swallowing styrofoam by accident?

Vomiting and gagging may occur if you eat a large piece of styrofoam is accidental. Its pieces will get lodged in the throat and develop chronic choking and a little discomfort. Many parts of consumed styrofoam are tiny enough to travel through the Intestinal tract without affecting the system 

What Happens If a Child Swallows a Styrofoam

It is better to stop a case when the child swallows  Styrofoam, despite how harmful it is or is not. It is essential for families to take precautions to keep their children from swallowing foamy objects. Huge amounts of styrofoam can be caught in the gut, stomach, or even the throat, causing health issues.

If your child swallows a Styrofoam, it is unable to become digested, it travels through the esophagus by causing blockages in the breathing system. In some cases where a child chokes after swallowing a large number of  Polymers, it shows that the foam is lodged in the esophagus.

What To Do If a Child Swallows a Styrofoam

As previously stated, the amount of Expanded Styrofoam eaten helps determine the child’s reaction. If a huge portion of Styrofoam is swallowed and the trachea becomes blocked, parents should seek medical care immediately.

Whereas if gagging or choking stops, parents should keep an eye on their child for several more days to see if there are any discomfort or infections signs. Based on the intensity of the condition, an X-ray or tracheostomy may be required to fix the situation.

Parents are made to take CPR classes so that they are aware of doing this in the case of an emergency. It is recommended that parents keep these items out of the hands of their children.

What Happens If You Swallow Styrofoam Accidently

Is It Good To Eat Styrofoam

Swallowing the food items, that are in foamy shape, is okay. But eating artificial foam, avoid it, it could be dangerous, and it will affect your digestive tract badly. An improper lifestyle or an inside trauma may cause an urge to swallow the foam.

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as in styrofoam? Extruded polystyrene? A really bad idea. It can clog up your gut and kill you. It might also introduce nasty things into your body.

Why on earth would you want to eat foam? If you mean foam like in whipping cream, it’s ok. It dissolves.

Styrofoam is made from recycled plastic and is commonly used for packing items such as food, clothing and supplies. The material is recyclable, but due to the difficulty of separating the plastic from the foam, it makes it difficult to be recycled at the end of life. Styrofoam also contributes to the plastic pollution crisis by being littered throughout our oceans and landfills.

What Happens If You Swallow Melting Styrofoam

Remaining styrene monomers or specific molecular agents like plasticizers may cause poisoning. Because it’s around 90% air, the real weight for a given amount is negligible. On average, a little amount of food taken once will often go through you; prolonged ingestion, on the other hand, is a different story.

Interestingly, when you sipped tea with lemon in a styrofoam cup, the styrofoam dissolved or melted. In fact, the acids in the lemon weaken the composition. As a result, a small collapsing of the foam particles develop by breaking certain hydrogen bond crossing bonding links. So be careful!

What Happens If You Eat In Microwaved Styrofoam Containers 

Today we are frequently using styrofoam containers for microwaving purposes. They are easy t use. But no one knows the harmful effects of doing this. If you are among those, you should stop doing it.

Accept the fact that you didn’t ingest any exposed Styrofoam bits, and it’s for a reason that it’s utilized as food containers. Your liver, adipocytes, defensive system, and digestive tract will take over any unknown chemicals, the same will be responsible for something you swallow.

Note that every molecule and chemical that can potentially be has health advantages, warnings, and extremes of deficit and toxicity. If we realized all there is to know about food physiology, research would come to a close. Have faith and don’t be concerned about this minor blunder. Fear and a lack of faith are far more dangerous than consuming Styrofoam.

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What Happens If You Eat Styrofoam Peanuts

Polystyrene peanuts are used and reprocessed repeatedly with no loss of protective packaging. Many packing and shipping stores do reuse and recycle them. Polystyrene peanuts are used for many aspects of a home insulator due to their structure, but they are not advised because they are not heatproof.

Another advantage of biodegradable foam peanuts over styrofoam is that they have no electrical charges. They are also harmless for children and animals if taken mistakenly because they are disposable and harmless. However, they are not manufactured under food-safe standards and are not suggested for consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe to Eat Food Made of Styrofoam?

Once swallowed, Styrofoam is unable to decompose or dissolve into the body. Vomiting and gagging can happen if a huge slice of styrofoam is swallowed. There’s now a risk the chunk will get trapped in the esophagus and develop chronic swallowing difficulty.

What Happens if You Take a Little Chunk of Styrofoam and Swallow it?

Because swallowed Expanded Polystyrene is not metabolized if it goes via the esophagus, it may cause the system to get clogged. There are also cases where a youngster chokes after swallowing a big amount of Expanded Styrofoam, which then becomes lodged in the esophagus.

Is Packaging Foam Hazardous to One’s Health?

When polystyrene foam containers are heated, styrene can leak into the food or beverages. Such poison belongs nowhere near your bodies, classrooms, cafes, or residences. Styrene not only endangers your safety, but it also harms our rivers and the ecosystems that rely on them.

The Last Lines

No pain? Sounds like you’re lucky. Swallowing Styrofoam isn’t probably the best idea if the company producing EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam is any indication. Dow makes the foam in its “Styrofoam Brand” containers, and it’s been linked with cancer.

Finally, we conclude that styrofoam is good for packaging purposes. But its uses for microwaving food items is not a good idea. So being a responsible person, don’t use styrofoam containers for heating food items. As its melted particles may leak into your food. Obviously, it is risky. 

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