What Happens If You Swallow Shampoo? [All Surprising Facts+Safety Tips]

what happens if you swallow shampoo

The shampoo is an essential part of everybody’s life. It is an important thing that is found in each bathroom. It is used for cleaning and the health purpose of your hair. Obviously, you never think about drinking it.

It will enter your body because of your carelessness while taking bath. If you leave it outside your bathroom, your kid may get it and drink it accidentally. So, What happens if you swallow shampoo?

Literally, nothing bad happens to you if the amount is too little. You just feel a bitter taste on your tongue or in your throat. On the contrary, if the amount is bigger, it may cause vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, irritation, stomach pain, diarrhea, poisoning, and even death.

If you are caught in such a situation, don’t try to cure it yourself. It’s better to consult your medical advisor and follow the instructions. Try some safety tips to survive before the arrival of the emergency team.

Let’s know more about it by reading this post!

What Happen If You Drink Shampoo

Often it happens that you accidentally put shampoo in your mouth while taking shower. It’s normal because as you open your mouth a little amount of shampoo enters your mouth. Have you ever thought about what happens if you drink shampoo?

Normally, the victim feels nothing except a bitter taste of shampoo in his/her mouth. The situation depends upon the quantity of liquid that enters your body. Some feel vomiting, nausea, irritation, and other issues. 

If you take a little amount it may create problems like:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Stomach pain
  3. Vomiting

On the other hand, if the amount of shampoo is greater it may cause some serious health issues like:

  1. Stomach damages
  2. Poisoning
  3. Serious irritation

In this case, it will lead you towards death. OMG! It’s horrible.

Each shampoo product has different ingredients according to its type. Some contain too many chemicals and others have more natural ingredients. So, the bad effects of drinking shampoo are also different. That’s why it’s important to check the label and inform your doctor about it. It will help you to get better treatment.

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What Happens If You Swallow A Little Bit Of Shampoo

Getting a little bit of shampoo while taking shower is not a cause of worry. It will do nothing to your health. In this situation, you must think about what happens if you swallow a little bit of shampoo?

The first feeling that appears to you is vomiting. You vomit at first when you swallow shampoo. Later you may feel nausea or some kind of irritation. Your skin gets red spots and appears swelling on your tongue or throat.

what happens if you swallow a little bit of shampoo

Don’t worry! Nothing seriously happens to you. The shampoo has different kinds of fragrances in it that make you feel vomiting. It’s not critical. By doing so, you will be able to vomit out the shampoo from your stomach. It’s good for your health.

You can remove the causes of nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea by vomiting the shampoo from your body. Shampoo with fewer chemicals may reduce harmful effects and be easily indigestible.

You don’t need to go to the doctor or have medical tests. Just take more water and make yourself tension-free.

What Happens If You Drink A large Amount Of Shampoo

Taking a little amount of shampoo is not a bad sign. It will not harm you and not even kill you. What happens if you drink shampoo in large amounts accidentally?

In this case, the condition may be dangerous and bring serious health issues. You have to face stomachic problems, poisoning, and sometimes death. Usually, bad symptoms start with vomiting and irritation.

There are many chemicals found in shampoo that create poison fluid in your body quickly. You may feel stomach pain, difficulty in breathing, sickness, headache, and some other health issues.

Essential oils that are no doubt good for your hair health but harmful for your internal body. It will damage your central nerve system.

Soon after swallowing shampoo, you will find signs of liver problems. Hypotension may also increase in this case.

So, don’t try to solve this issue at home yourself. Go to your doctor immediately and make medical tests.

What Happens If A Baby Swallow Shampoo

You know it is not an easy task to bathe your baby. It will make you tired to set him down while bathing. What happens if your baby accidentally drank shampoo in the shower or took it himself thinking it was a bottle of drink?

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Normally, baby shampoo has no serious bad effects on your child. Baby shampoo has no sweet taste. So, there is less possibility to drink a big amount of shampoo.

Usually, baby bath products are made up of fewer chemicals or sometimes there is no harmful ingredient found in these products.

Some side effects that are usually seen after drinking shampoo by a baby are given below:

  • They feel nauseated.
  • Attacked by diarrhea.
  • Start vomiting.
  • See swelling in the tongue.
  • Feel pain in the stomach.
  • Feel difficulty in breathing.
  • Start coughing.

What to do if you find none of the above symptoms? It’s better to get your baby to the doctor for a proper check-up.

Safety Tips

If your baby gets some amount of shampoo, you have to be alert immediately. Call the emergency center but before their arrival, you must follow some safety tips that will save you from big loss.

  • Stop the baby from taking water as it will make bubbles and foam. That later causes vomiting. Give him some kind of fatty food like biscuits, toast, etc. 
  • At home you can also handle this situation by giving him ice chips or liquids before the arrival of first aid.
  • Give proper information about the child to the emergency center like his age, the type of shampoo he drank, etc.
  • Be calm and take each step carefully. If the baby takes the lid or container with shampoo, try to remove it at first. Follow the instructions of your doctor and don’t skip any advice.

What Should You Do After Swallowing Shampoo Accidentally

Have you drunk shampoo unconsciously? What should you do now? Don’t worry! It’s not a critical problem. You can handle it yourself at home easily. You should have to check the bottle and read the ingredients found in the shampoo you have drunk. Some shampoo has PH that is easily dissolved in your stomach. So you don’t have to worry about it. For more chemical products, just be attentive and follow the instructions listed below:

what should you do after swallowing shampoo accidently
  • Calmness is very important in such a situation. Collect all basic information about the chemical found in the shampoo, find out its side effects, and the solution to fight it.
  • Try to vomit all the liquid that you have swallowed. You can do it by taking a little amount of saline. Drink it and take your neck up to vomit out the liquid.
  • Water is the best solution to weaken the poison. As you swallow shampoo, drink a lot of water immediately. It will not only kill the chemical but also remove irritation created by it.
  • Now, you can go to your physician, make a detailed checkup and get tests. If you take a big amount of shampoo through your mouth, it’s a very delicate situation. You should rush towards your doctor as soon as possible.
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To know more about what happens if you swallow shampoo just check out this video below.

Most Asking Questions

Is It Necessary To Go To The Hospital After Drinking Shampoo?

Yes, it is. There are some harmful chemicals like sulfates found in the shampoo that are dangerous for human health. So, you should have to go to the hospital for a proper check-up and treatment.

What Should You Do Immediately After Ingesting Shampoo?

It is necessary to vomit the chemical that you have swallowed with shampoo. It is helpful to reduce the chemical amount and make it weak as well. Drinking a lot of water after that will help your kidneys and liver to work properly. 

What Happens If You Swallow Head & Shoulder shampoo?

If you swallow shampoo in small quantities, it will create nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. At home, you can treat it by drinking fluids or sucking on ice chips. If you feel the situation is more serious, contact your doctor immediately.

Bottom Lines

To conclude, swallowing shampoo in small amounts is not an as big issue as you think. It will harm you only when it enters your body in a big amount. Even it will lead you towards death.

The seriousness of the situation depends upon the ingredients found in the shampoo. If it includes a lot of chemicals, it means your health is in danger. It will damage your internal parts after swallowing it in a big amount.

Remember, shampoo is not for drinking. It’s for only cleaning purposes. But your child won’t know this fact. The colorful packaging of shampoo may attract him and he may drink it accidentally. Hopefully, this article help you to handle this critical situation in a better way. So, to save your loved ones, share this post with them.

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