What Happens If You Eat Soap? [Stop Eating Right Now]

What Happens If You Eat Soap

Just imagine when you take a soap bar for washing hands and the wish of eating it comes to your mind. Unbelievable. Will you eat it or put it back? Obviously not. You never want to swallow such a thing with horrible taste.

On the contrary, don’t be surprised if you hear about someone who eats soap eagerly. Yes, it is possible. Your child may also be one of such people. If you swallow a soap accidentally, you must want to know: 

What happens if you eat soap? Normally, swallowing or eating soap can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. You may also feel swelling on different body parts like the throat and tongue. Many cases of cancer appeared because of eating soap such as lung cancer, stomach, and breast cancer. Bleeding in stool is also one of the health issues occurred by swallowing soap.

Swallowing soap accidentally can also cause low blood pressure, slow heartbeat, and disturbance in body PH level. For children it is more dangerous because it causes poisoning in little kids.

If you see serious symptoms,it is best to go to the doctor immediately and get proper treatment. Small amount of soap may not damage any inner part and is less dangerous. All side effects depend upon the product and the ingredients used to make it.

Read this post completely because we have more information for you.

What Happens If You Eat Soap

You know soap is not for eating. It is just for cleaning yourself while taking bath and washing hands. You know it better but your child is not wise enough to understand the danger of eating soap. Yes, it is. What happens if you swallow soap?

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There are several chemicals used in making soap. As soon as soap enters your body, it starts damaging your body internally. The main problems that occur by swallowing soap are vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. Sometimes it starts bleeding in the stool.

A person normally doesn’t like to eat soap because it is not good in taste. If you swallow it accidentally or consume it while taking a bath you may have to face many health issues. If you get it in your eyes, it will create irritation and redness in the eyes, and sometimes you have to lose your eyesight. OMG! It’s too dangerous. 

In the case of inhaling soap perfume you may feel breathing problems and after consuming it, you feel swelling in your throat.

So, be careful and take away such products from your child. 

What Happens If You Eat Soap

Why Do Children Eat Soap

The cases of swallowing or eating soap are mostly seen in children. Have you ever thought about why kids do that? After deep research, it is seen that children are curious creatures. They like to explore more new things every day. That’s why they eat soap because they like to eat it or they are curious to know how it tastes?

Some children do that because of an eating disorder called Pica. It happens because of the lack of nutrients and essential vitamins in a child’s body. Sometimes, with the passage of time, this habit may lessen than before and at one stage your child stops eating soap.

It doesn’t mean you may leave the child with this horrible habit or disease. You have to give attention to him and consult your doctor. Keep such products like soap, shampoo, or hand washes away from the reach of your child. Indulge him in different healthy activities so that he may leave to eat soap.

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Can Eating Soap Cause Cancer

Many people want to know the main reason for cancer. As you know cancer has become the one of most spread diseases. In our daily products, there are a number of dangerous chemicals that make you ill.

Many people ask the question about eating soap. Does it cause cancer or not? If yes, then what is the reason?

Products like hand wash and soap contain many harmful chemicals. These chemicals increase cancer risks in the human body. Some such chemicals are listed below:

  • Phthalates( Causes liver cancer)
  • Parabens( Causes breast cancer)
  • Triclosan( Damages hormonal system)
  • Di-Ethanolamine( Causes stomach and esophagus cancer)

These are the main chemicals used in soap that cause cancer and many other serious diseases. Many products give you guarantees about your health and confirm that these are made of non chemical ingredients. So, always check the label of the product before using it.

Can You Lose Weight By Eating Soap

In this competitive age, everybody wants to become smart and look stylish. Ladies are crazy to lose weight and look smart. For this, they are always ready to try different things. Many people ask about soap. Is it a source of losing weight and you become thin after eating soap?

Let me clear it to you that soap is not an edible item. It tastes bitter and is not good to eat. So, it’s ridiculous if someone tells you that he has lost weight from eating soap. It is not true. Swallowing or eating soap just gives you health issues and makes you sick. Nothing else. Swallowing a soap never brings you benefits and advantages. So, don’t believe others blindly. Think for yourself before adopting any method for losing weight. It’s better to take advice from your medical consultant.

Healthy diet, morning walk, and proper exercise are good ways to become fit and smart. In some cases soap causes weight loss but it is not a good sign. It will create disorder in your stomach and disturb your digestive system. You can’t digest food properly that is why you start losing weight and become thin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Swallow Soap Accidentally?

If you swallow soap water, you start feeling pain in the throat, and stomach. Abdominal pain is also common. High blood pressure, blood in stool, and vomiting blood also show that you have ingested a big amount of soap.

Can You Die From Swallowing Soap?

Normally, swallowing a bath soap is not poisonous so much that it makes you die. Sometimes such products prove dangerous for life if taken in a big amount because they are highly toxic to the human body.

How Toxic is Dish Soap?

Dish soap has a lot of health hazards that are life-threatening. The most dangerous element is Carcinogen found in soap. It results in death in many cases. So, it’s essential to go to emergency in such a situation. 

Final Words

Eating soap is not a good habit that’s why it is not common. Some cases of eating soap are seen in children because they don’t know what it is? It is your duty to keep them away from such items that will harm them.

If you notice that your child has swallowed or is eating soap, don’t be worried. Just be calm and think how do you control it. Wipe away the mouth of the child with a soft and wet piece of cloth and take him/her some water to drink.  

If you find the worst and signs of danger appear it’s best to call an emergency center for quick help.

Hopefully,this post will prove informative for you and it will make you able to come out of such a horrible situation wisely. Don’t forget to share this post with others so that they may benefit from it.

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