What Happens If You Swallow Your Tongue? You Won’t Believe!

what happens if you swallow your tongue

Do you think how much you are blessed if you have a tongue? It is not only a  part of your body through which you communicate. But it is also an organ that can taste food, chew it and send it back to the mouth. It is the organ on which the process of digestion starts with the help of saliva. It is also the main place at which all major openings can be observed. One of the basic openings is an air passage if it is closed your life is at risk. The tongue can do this, how?

What happens if you swallow your tongue?  Swallowing the tongue is impossible. However, during sleep and convulsion, the muscular tongue falls back and closes the air passage. It can be opened instantly by raising the chin, jaw thrust, or other recovery methods.

Tongue and lips jewelry can harm you slightly. But their design is so special that these items could not block the air passage. In case of pregnancy avoid piercing the body part and reduce the use of jewelry because your immune system is weaker in this period.

Let’s see how tongue swallowing is dangerous and how we can handle the situation.

What happens If You Swallow Your Tongue

Perhaps you think that swallowing your tongue means eating the muscular tongue. Oh! it is not possible. It is virtually unbelievable for someone to eat their tongue. The tongue is firmly attached to the floor of the oral cavity. If you open your mouth and lift your tongue you notice that the tongue is firmly affixed with muscles Frenulum Linguae which hold the tongue’s incorrect order and shape. Then ‘’ How swallowing the tongue is possible’’?

Swallowing the tongue is a misnomer for blocking the tongue. During sleep or unconsciousness muscles of the tongue lose their tone and it slips back into the oral cavity but does not separate from the base of the mouth to be swallowed.

Is Swallow Tongue Danger During Seizure

How Should You Clear Air Passage

While a person feels unconscious during sleep or in any problem tongue may fall back, and the structure of the soft palate blocks the air passage. This is especially more pronounced if the victim is on their back.

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Suppose a player knocks down and becomes unconscious, how do we stop the tongue from obstructing the respiratory tract?

There are two recommended  methods: 

 1- Chin Lift

Chin lift is a procedure that uses facial muscles to raise the lower lip so that the teeth do not touch. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and gives a more youthful appearance. Chin lift is most commonly used to treat marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and submental fat. The procedure is usually done under local anesthetic with a simple laparoscopic approach. Chin lift can be done on its own or as part of facelift surgery. If you are considering a chin lift for your cosmetic concerns, be sure to speak with your doctor about the best option for you.

2- Jaw Thrust

The jaw thrust method is usually used if the player has a spinal injury. Both these two techniques never use fingers inserted in the causality mouth. The airway must always open and it is your priority if  the victim has a spinal injury 

If the player is wearing a gum shield, this should be removed by gripping the gum shield from either side of the jaw. Inside the victim‘s cheek but outside of their teeth

3- Recovery position

The recovery position is also considered the best way for opening air passage. We have discussed this in detail below.

Recovery Position During Seizure

When you move someone who is suffering from an epilepsy attack, turn to the recovery position. This position prevents the tongue from falling back toward the throat. People should follow these steps to put someone into a recovery position:

  • Kneel in front of the person
  • Outstretched  the nearest arm out from the body with the palm fronting up
  • Putting the opposite arm so that the person’s hand is on the cheek on the closest side of the face
  • Keeping  the closest leg out straight, lift the other knee so that it is bent
  • Move the bent knee upward into a running position to stabilize the person
  • Check that the tongue has fallen forward and that they are respiring normally
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Oral Injuries During A Seizure

In the survey in 2017,106 patients with epilepsy completed a questionnaire about oral injuries. Their data shows that 

  • 52.4% of patients received oral injuries during an epileptic seizure. The lips, tongue, and cheeks are the most affected part
  • 18% of patients face tooth cracks
  • 17% experience tooth fracture

Tooth biting, which can puncture the tongue muscles on one or both sides is very common in fits.

It had been advised for seizures to hold down the tongue to prevent swallowing or injury in the past. But now doctors know this practice is dangerous.

What Happens If You Swallow Your Tongue Ring

Over the past 20 years, the piercing of different body parts has been very popular in western society Along with the nose and ear tongue. The woman wears a different style of jewelry on the tongue.

If a part of jewelry like a tongue ring may become loose and go to the stomach accidentally. Don’t worry it will pass through the stool easily. But if this piece has such a shape or design which could harm the soft part of the food pipe or stomach consult a doctor for advice.

What Happens If You Swallow Your Tongue Ball

Nothing serious, if you swallow a tongue ball it will go into the stomach. The stomach has 1.5pH which makes a very acidic environment. In this way, every particle entering the stomach can digest easily.

A tongue bar is a small piece of metal. If its design has a blunt end or is big, it may cause some problems. If any sign of a blockage, stomach pain, vomiting, or difficulty in breathing occurs, readily go for medical help.

What Happens If You Swallow Your Tongue Ring Ball While You Are Pregnant

During pregnancy, your immune system is weaker and makes you more vulnerable to infections. During this period you should not pierce any part of your body.

If you already wear a tongue ring ball protect it and clean your tongue with toothpaste

Though the risk of swallowing a tongue ball is very small, it is better to remove the tongue ball during this period. If it happens and there is no sign of discomfort it means you are ok. This will come out of your belly in 24 to 48 hours depending on your bowel habits.

What Happens If You Swallow Your Tongue Piercing Bar Ball

Oh! Don’t panic, just keep an eye on your stool for the bar. The ball should pass with no problem.

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The bar is slightly longer and poses riskier internally. Just make sure it should not create any problem and pass out smoothly from another end. For any pain in the stomach consult a doctor immediately and explain all conditions.

The ball is always more secured on internally threaded jewelry but an important precaution is to check its end regularly.

To know more about what happens if you swallow your tongue then check this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swallow Tongue Danger During Seizure?

A person can’t swallow his tongue in a time of convulsion. In epilepsy or any fit person is senseless. His tongue falls back and blocks the air passage. This is dangerous and the person could not breathe properly.

Is it right to insert an object between the teeth to secure the victim from oral injuries and tongue swallowing?

 In the past when a person fell senseless during a fit people were pushed to insert some foreign object. They think that in a stroke a person attempts to swallow his tongue that’s why his tongue is injured after the fit. This myth is wrong

Placing an object in the person‘s mouth to prevent the person from choking on her or his tongue is dangerous and is forbidden now medically.

Can a Tongue-Piercing Ball Stick to The Throat?

If you observe the tongue, and lips jewelry, especially the tongue ball its design is highly secure for the mouth. But if accidentally it is lost and falls in the throat it will slip and pass into the stomach without any harm. It is a rare chance that the ball sticks to the throat.

Bottom lines 

Sometimes the wrong word gets much fame and takes the place of the right one. Swallowing of the tongue is such a word that misnomers in the place of blockage of the tongue. In this article, we have discussed all possibilities of choking and also give detail on how to get rid of this situation.

Be calm and quiet during your job if you are giving first aid. It is better to consult a doctor if you could not do this. Also, don’t insert any object during the fit. Your main focus is to keep the respiratory tract open. Concentrate on the patient and save a life. If you have any such experience, tell me in the comment box.  

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