What Happens If You Swallow a Plum Pit? [Harmful or Not]

what happens if you swallow a plum pit

Swallowing a whole plum won’t cause a plant to sprout from your inside. This happened in old tales, maybe you have heard in your childhood. Many fruits contain hard pits in their centers. Are these pits harmless? Can your child ingest it? Can a palm pit kill you?

Caring mothers always advise their kids to never swallow plums with pits. But why? What would happen if they did? In this post, we will cover everything about swallowing a plum pit.

So, let’s start with the obvious. What happens if you swallow a plum pit?

If you are alright after swallowing a plum pit, don’t worry, it will just pass away in your stools. However, if you notice any stomach pain, irritating throat, or breathing issue, take it seriously. Consult with your doctor, because the plum pit contains the toxic compound amygdalin. This poisonous compound turns into hydrogen cyanide after ingestion in the stomach.

If someone mistakenly swallowed a plum seed. It didn’t make him choke. He is still okay after ingesting it. What to do in this case? Should he take any medical aid for safety?

Let’s get started to know the long drive of the palm pit inside a human body, keep reading to enjoy the journey.

Are Plum Pits Poisonous

Plum pits are never the edible parts of this fruit. But these are not harmless. Amygdalin is the main component of a plum pit. When a person eats a plum pit, it dissolves into a poisonous compound known as hydrogen cyanide. 

So, be careful while eating this healthy fruit. Don’t try to chew, or crush the plum pits. It would be toxic if swallowed by mistake.

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Can a Plum Pit Kill You

If you swallow a plum pit, can it kill you? It won’t kill you but it won’t always get out from your other end without any problems either. Be a careful person, before each swallow, remove the pits from the plums. Plum pits have toxic hydrogen cyanide that can dissolve in your stomach. Definitely, hydrogen cyanide can make you die. 

Do you know the number of plum pits, that can kill you? Although dying from eating plum pit is rare, the truth is, that it has toxic hydrogen cyanide. Because one mere 0.1grams can expire a person of 150 pounds. 

How Many Plum Pits Are Enough To Kill You or a Dog

Indeed, dogs do take plums if the pit is extracted and the fruit is sliced into little parts. To avoid disease, give plums in excess and slowly add them to your dog, just as you would another new recipe.

The single plum pit cannot kill a dog with poison. But it has a serious health concern that could put your dog in trouble. Generally, plums aren’t toxic to dogs, the stone in the center of the plum can be. While serving plums to your dog, carefully extract the pit or stone.

Tip: Rather than plums, give your dog food that contains all of the benefits of plums without the concerns. Purity is a healthful, organic, and nutrient-dense dog food that feeds your dog from within. With such a Perfect meal, you expect dogs to have healthier tummies, fur, and intestines.

Should You Get Worried After Swallowing A Plum Pit

Definitely not; the plum pit may pass down your intestinal tract and exit your body when you poo once or twice a day. Some Plum pits are tiny in size. If you’re worried, take more fiber-rich bread or rice to let it pass from your body system.

Some plum pits are large in size. enormous, it would be less harmful than smaller ones. As they might leave in unusual places. you may think of a blockage, so you may eat very carefully till it cleared. you should go beyond using oils to speed up the process. 

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Since so much time has gone,  you should try to spit it up again. At that time, you should consult your doctor. When you feel irritation, trouble eating, drinking, stomach pain, or bleeding in your stools, you should take it seriously. In this case, you need first aid and proper treatment immediately. 

What Happens If Your Child Swallows a Plum Pit

When your child swallows a little amount of small plum pit, it would pass from the child’s body without causing no more harm. But if a child eats its crushed form, then it is serious.

Because Plums and pits contain a chemical called amygdalin, that breaks down into hydrogen cyanide after swallowing.  That is obviously poison.

So, take your child for a medical check-up. After the check-up, your doctor will recommend further treatment, if needed.

How to Help if your Child Swallow a Plum Pit

The most important thing mothers should do if a child consumed a plum pit and it moved right to the child’s tummy is to avoid thinking and worrying. Carefully monitor the baby’s stool for many days in case the foreign object has been removed, and then relax.

But if you see these signs, your baby needs a doctor’s treatment.

  • Pain in the tummy is increasing with time.
  • Difficulty in breathing that occurs on a regular basis;
  • Bleeding in the feces.

Things To Avoid When Your Child Swallow A Plum Pit

What should you avoid in such a case?

  • Don’t try to make the child vomit unnaturally.
  • Never push the baby to overfeed the bread crusts.
  • Adults should be patient for the pit to be removed.
  • Before the help arrived, you don’t need to force the child to eat or drink.

What Happens If You Accidently Swallow a Plum Pit

If you’ve eaten a few seeds by accident, don’t worry. Toxicity by accidental intake of a few pits or seeds is rare. Carefully, you should avoid its  Intake.  It is never a good idea to eat seeds or pits that have been mashed or blended.”

How Long Can A Plum Pit Take To Digest In Your Stomach

It’ll only take some days for you to move. In many persons, it would remove in 5 days. Unless you fail to see it in your feces, it may be digested gradually enough to entirely dissolve and split open. Be alert, because a pit’s center includes an almond-shaped core element.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Eat a Plum Pit?

The seeds of certain fresh fruits, like cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, and apricots, contain toxic cyanide chemicals. It is not poisonous if a handful of pits are mistakenly consumed. If the pits are chopped up or the seeds are chewed, they become more harmful.

Is it Possible to Consume The Entire Plum?

While eating or baking with the plums, make sure they are absolutely dry. For a nutritious supper, enjoy it with an apple. Make sure you don’t consume the pit. The plum’s peel is safe to eat and has a better taste than the inside.

Is it possible to Eat Plums Fresh?

They are full of nutrients, as well as dietary fiber. Which may help cure or prevent a variety of serious illnesses. Plums can be taken and eaten fresh. Canned plums, often referred to as prunes, are intended to help with a variety of health issues, such as constipation and osteoporosis.

To know more about what happens if you swallow a plum pit just check out this video.

The Last Lines

In the end, we conclude that eating a small quantity of plum pit cant cause much harm. However, swallowing a larger pit can increase the pressure in your throat to a dangerous level.

If a toddler eats a plum pit, strangely he/she is not showing the signs f vomiting, nausea, pain in the tummy, or any discomforting issue, don’t worry. Mostly, the fruit seed will come out in the stools.

But if you are observing the above signs, never ignore them. Remember, Plum pits are hazards, mostly because they’re hidden inside packaging and not always obvious to passersby. They pose the risk of choking, vomiting, or projectile vomiting. The above post looks at the dangers of plum pits and what happens to their victims, before ending with some ways to reduce risk.

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