What Happens If You Swallow Tonsil Stones? [Serious Or Not]

What Happens If You Swallow Tonsil Stones

If you’re trying to remove tonsil stone at home, you are likely to swallow it accidentally. There are many cases of accidental swallowing of tonsils stone at hospitals reported every year. The good news is that it is harmless.

What happens if you swallow a tonsil stone? No worry because the size of this stone is too small to cause any damage. Many patients are likely to swallow it naturally even without knowing it. It requires no treatment if someone ingests it. However, if it causes symptoms like breath discomfort or chest pain it’s time to get medical aid.

A tonsil stone is attached to the tonsils gland. From here it can detach anytime without any sign naturally into the throat. Sometimes the patient may notice to push it out of the mouth. Many times it is likely to go to the esophagus without any notice.

It is an extremely rare case to find someone in trouble after swallowing a tonsil stone. However, if the size of the stone is big enough to be digested,  it will get stuck in the esophagus or intestine. The patient may require immediate medical aid to remove it.

What Is Tonsils Stone

Tonsil stones are complex bacterial debris accumulation in the crypts of tonsils. Sometimes they are painful, sometimes not. It is also called tonsilloliths or tonsilliths.

Tonsils stop bacteria and trap them inside the nooks and crannies. This bacterial debris turns hard with time or calcifies. As a result stone-like structure is formed. The size of this stone is small in many cases and large in very rare cases.

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Tonsils are glandular structures located deep on each side of the throat. They perform the function of fighting infections as they have lymphocytes. They improve the immune system by fighting against bacteria and germs that enter the throat.

Tonsils may also suffer from a malfunction in some people. If this happens they have to remove it.

Is It Harmful To Swallow A Large Tonsils Stone

The incidents of swallowing tonsil stones are very common. In many cases, the stone cause no problem at all. However in a few cases where the size is quite bigger than 1cm, swallowing it can be life-threatening. According to hospital data, there is no death reported due to tonsil stone swallowing.

Is it harmful to swallow a large tonsils stone? Yes, it is if the size of the tonsil stone is large than 1com, it’s life-threatening to swallow it. It will not be removed naturally. The patient may need surgery if it gets stuck inside the organs. The doctors would recommend an X-ray or imaging to detect whether it’s in a safe or harmful position.

Symptoms Of Tonsils Stone

It is important to identify if you have a tonsils stone or something else. This stone is common in people with repeated infection of the tonsils. It is visible as the white structure on the back of the throat from the naked eye. However, if the size of the stone is too small it is invisible to the naked eye. In this case, only X-rays can detect it. Below are a few notable symptoms of tonsils stone:

  • Breathing Discomfort
  • White debris
  • Continuous Cough
  • Ear Pain
  • Difficulty in Swallowing Food
  • Tonsils gland swelling

Symptoms After Swallowing Tonsils Stone

The symptoms of swallowing a stone depending on the size of the stone. If the size is benign or equal to 1mm to 2mm, it is likely to cause no symptoms at all. It will pass out of the body through the stool. However, if the size is bigger or across 1cm it is difficult to digest. In this case, the patient may feel the following symptoms

  • Bad breath
  • High pulse
  • Chest Pain
  • Difficulty in Respiration
  • Abdominal pain
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Diagnosis Of Tonsils Stone

If the size of a tonsil stone is considerably big, it can be diagnosed easily. If the size is too small, it can only be diagnosed with MRI and X-ray. Moreover, imaging tests, X-rays can also detect this stone

If you are suffering from repeated inflammation in the tonsils it is likely to have a great chance of developing this stone. 

Tips To Avoid Swallowing Of Tonsils Stone

Although the detaching process of this stone is natural. No one knows when it will detach or fall in the oral cavity. This makes the chances of accidental swallowing quite higher, especially in kids. Below are a few tips to avoid swallowing it

  • When you feel a stone ask your doctor to remove it
  • Never try to remove it at home
  • Dont push the stone with the tongue
  • For kids, go to regular checkups after diagnosis

What To Do If Someone Swallow Tonsils Stone

If someone accidently swallows a tonsil stone, what should be the next step? Should he wait for symptoms or go to the doctor immediately? Can it kill you or you will stay alive even after swallowing a big stone?

What to do if someone swallows a tonsil stone? Stay calm unless You see symptoms. If no symptoms arise, it will digest without causing any harm. If the patient feels discomfort in breathing, it’s time to go for a doctor’s advice. They will recommend imaging to direct the position of the stone and will take action immediately if needed.

The safest way to remove tonsil stone is to buy a tonsil stone removal kit. It will also prevent the stone from coming back.

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Can swallowing tonsils stone make you sick?

It depends on whether you notice symptoms or not. If the stone is bigger and stuck somewhere in a food pipe or intestine, it can surely make you sick. However, after its removal patient will feel much better. The only problem after having this stone is bad breath. To avoid infection saltwater gargle help alot.

Are tonsils stone poisonous?

No, they are non-toxic yet hard to digest. Although the stone is the accumulation of bacterial and dead cells debris but not harmful at all. In some cases, they are painful when get enlarged. 

It is very easy to remove also. 

Can you feel tonsil stone when you swallow?

Tonsil stone is very hard, you can easily feel it in the back of the throat. If you swallow it naturally, you are likely to feel nothing. However, if you swallow it deliberately you will feel it passing through a food pipe. After this, it will disappear in your stomach and you may feel nothing.

What Food Causes Tonsils Stone

Dairy products are responsible for causing this stone. Such items contain lactose which promotes the growth of bacteria. If you have tonsils don’t use dairy products such as milk and butter. If you want to avoid tonsil stones again avoid dairy food.


There is nothing serious to fear about tonsils stone. If you gulp it by chance, you are safe. The only symptom you may feel is bad breath or chest pain. Otherwise, you are fine. This does not guarantee that you should swallow it deliberately or it’s intended to be swallowed. It’s hard enough and non-eatable. 

In the end, I would advise you to never try to remove it at home. Go to doctor and dont take risks!

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