What Happens If You Swallow Blood? [Risk & Symptoms]

What Happens If You Swallow Blood

Blood feeding, blood swallowing, and blood drinking are really scary terms. You might have seen vampires in horror movies drinking blood like water. Here in this post, we’re not going to discuss drinking blood taboo  “vampirism”. Our main focus in this post is “accidental swallowing of blood”.

We’ll discuss the outcomes, symptoms, and further actions to be taken if someone swallows blood.

Let’s move on!

What happens if you swallow blood? Swallowing blood is always harmful. If blood is not fresh it may cause symptoms like stomach pain, throwup, and black feces. The quantity of ingested amount also matters alot. However, if blood is unhealthy, a small amount is adequate to cause symptoms.

The growth of the vampire community all over the world has raised many questions. The vampire bats have a mechanism to digest blood. They do so by digesting the nutritive portion of the blood and pushing the nondigestible out of the body through pee. Humans have not evolved any such mechanism. 

 What Is Blood Made Up Of

Human Blood has two parts i.e, liquid and solid. The Liquid part is named Plasma whereas the solid part contains cells. About 50% of blood consists of plasma and the remaining 50% contains cells and platelets.

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Plasma is made up of salt, protein, and water.

The solid portion of blood contains white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets.

Chemical Composition of Blood

99% blood cells

Plasma contains 92% water

Plasma Protein contains albumins, globulins, and fibrinogen.

Is It Safe To Swallow Blood

Swallowing blood is by no means unhealthy practice. If it’s collected through unhygienic means it will promote bacterial growth. No matter it’s older or fresh blood, ingesting can be harmful. In all cases, if it’s your own blood or someone else blood, it’s a real idea to swallow it

Is it safe to swallow blood? It’s extremely unsafe depending on whether blood is fresh or old. Swallowing even a small amount can be dangerous if it’s collected through unhealthy sources. Doctors strongly prohibit both drinking and swallowing any kind of blood.

What Happens If You Swallow Blood

Symptoms After Swallowing Blood

The symptoms of swallowing and draining blood both are different. If you swallow a few drops accidentally, you are likely to feel the following symptoms:

  • Throw UP
  • Bloody Vomit
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Emotional Distress
  • Dizziness
  • Fast breathing
  • Loss of Conscious

The symptoms of drinking blood vary with age, quality, and health condition of a person. It also depends on the quality of blood i.e, fresh blood or older blood.

Is it Harmful To Swallow Our Own Blood?

The chances of swallowing our own blood are high when gums and noses bleed. It is hard to avoid blood ingestion, especially during dental restoration. Blood mixes with saliva and goes inside the oral cavity

Is it harmful to swallow our own blood? No, it’s safe if swallowed accidently in small amounts. However, drinking your own blood deliberately is very harmful. It can cause stomach distress and vomiting. In every case, quantity matters alot.

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Is It Bad To Swallow Blood From Bleeding 

The habit of swallowing blood is really strange. It mostly develops in childhood as a result of traumas in people who love violence. YOu might have seen people licking their own blood from bleeding. 

Is it bad to swallow blood from bleeding? Yes, it’s not a good idea. Bleeding will never stop with swallowing blood. Instead, it may cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and black feces. Try to lay straight to keep the blood falling in the oral cavity if it’s bleeding from the nose or mouth.

What Happens If you Swallow Blood after a Nosebleed

Nosebleed is a common disorder. It can be serious or not depending on the health conditions of the patient. It occurs mainly when a blood vessel in the nose is damaged and blood drops in the nasal cavity. This blood may also go into the throat along with phlegm or mucus.

What happens if you swallow blood after a nosebleed? If the swallowed blood is too little, it is not a serious issue. In case of too much blood, the symptoms of abdominal distress and vomiting are observed. Doctors recommend sitting up to avoid swallowing nosebleeds. 

What Happen If You Swallow Blood While Pregnant

Nosebleeding is horrible in pregnancy. However, it is not much serious if you dont lose too much blood. The chances of swallowing blood increase if it’s too frequent. Even with a lot of spitting, you can’t avoid blood from going into your gut.

What happens if you swallow blood while pregnant? No worry it’s safe in a low amount. It will not harm your fetus as its digestible. However, if taken in large amounts, it can be serious. Consult your doctor immediately if you feel symptoms like vomiting and abdominal pain. 

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What To Do If You Swallow Blood 

Swallowing blood can be horrible. It happens mostly when someone undergoes dental restoration. If it happens with you the immediate outcome would be smelly breathing and blackish feces. It can scare you if you dont know the reality.

What to do if you swallow blood? No need to get worried if you see no symptoms at all. The real worry starts when you throw up right after swallowing blood. The bloody color of vomiting can frighten you. If vomiting doesn’t stop, contact the doctor immediately.

People Also Ask

What Happens If You Swallow Other Blood?

Swallowing all types of blood is harmful no matter if it’s your own blood or someone else. You dont know the health condition of others when you swallow someone else blood. In this way, bacterial transfusion and growth-promoting. So it’s strictly prohibited practice. Stay away from blood whether it’s you or someone else.

Which Animal Blood is Closest to Human Blood?

To your surprise, the blood of the Pig resembles mostly human blood. The genetics and chemistry of human and pig blood are almost the same. Even the size of red blood cells of both humans and pigs is the same.


Consuming more than a few drops of raw blood won’t harm you. However, if you swallow unhygienic blood in large amounts, you’re likely to throw up immediately. Drinking a significant amount of blood on regular basis cause blood-borne illness. 

From the above discussion, it’s crystal clear that this practice of swallowing blood is associated with health risks. If it turns into a disorder or blood-drinking syndromes, its outcome would be life-threatening. It’s not recommended by health specialists.

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