What Happens If You Swallow Bleach? (Be Alert: It Could Be Fatal)

what happens if you swallow bleach

Generally speaking, household bleach such as Sodium hydroxide is not much toxic. But most bleaching products contain Sodium hypochlorite, a potent corrosive and poisonous chemical. It’s highly reactive to organic tissues. Therefore, swallowing bleach is hazardous. It can kill you no matter how diluted it is. 

What happens if you swallow bleach?  Swallowing bleach is quite damaging. It can burn your mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach too. It can induce vomiting, lower your blood pressure and eventually lead to death. Call the poison control center or emergency help immediately.

Besides, Industrial grade bleach is more concentrated and its burn could be fatal even if consumed in small amounts. Be careful while using bleach and keep it in a safe and distant place to prevent potential ingestion by children and vulnerable grown-ups.

Let’s probe into this life-saving article!

What Happens If You Swallow Bleach

The active ingredient of bleach is Sodium hypochlorite which is highly oxidizing even the most diluted form burns the organic tissue.

If you swallow bleach it will go down in your stomach causing much harm all the way long. It will burn your mouth and whole gastrointestinal tract. Ingesting bleaching products can burn your internal systems and lead to even death.

It’s a deadly idea to swallow bleach for the sake of triviality, to get your dope test negative, to get rid of AIDs, COVID-19, cancer, and whatever the reason is. Because damaging effects of bleach could be fatal and long-lasting.

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What to Do If You Swallow Bleach By Accident

In the US, the accidental swallowing of bleach is most common in children under the age of 6. Bleach has strong cleansing and disinfecting properties. So it could be toxic to your body if you swallow bleach by accident.

Usually, home bleaching products contain less concentration of sodium hypochlorite about 3-6%. But even then drinking bleach is very harmful as it can damage your stomach resulting in pain, gagging, and irritation in the mouth and throat.

Call the poison control center or seek emergency help promptly. Meanwhile, drink 5-7 cups of milk or water to dilute the effects of bleach. 

what happens if you drink bleach

What to Do If Someone Swallow Bleach

What will happen if bleach is swallowed?

Bleach contains powerful and corrosive chemicals that help to clean your clothes, floor, and commode too. It should be used safely and cautiously.

It can be dangerous. Dial 911or the poison control center immediately because the person might have swallowed bleach in a large quantity. In case of chest pain, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, or seizures shifts the patient to the ER.

Bleach is a strong cleaning chemical. So always keep it in a safe place, away from children and vulnerable adults to avoid any medical emergency.

What Happens If You Swallow a Drop of Bleach

The damaging effects of bleach depend on its type, amount, and level of Sodium hypochlorite.

Nothing serious will happen if you swallow a drop of household bleach because it is less corrosive. However, it can burn your mouth or throat. Gargles with cold water will help to soothe your flaming mouth.

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Drink 2-3 cups of milk or water immediately and go to your doctor if you feel irritation and severe pain.  

What Happens If you Swallow Teeth Bleach

Teeth whitening bleach contains peroxide gel which causes no damaging effects if swallowed.

Nothing serious will happen if you swallow teeth bleach. The peroxide gel will go down in your stomach and end up there without causing any damage. You might feel some irritation but it will be cured within a day or two.

However, the teeth whitening gel is not supposed to be swallowed. It is designed for external use only. So, it should be kept out of reach of children.

Is It Ever Safe to Drink Bleach

What happens if you drink bleach?

Bleach contains oxidizing agents that help to remove stains but also disinfect toys, floors, and drinking water. Similarly, if you ingest bleach or inhale its fumes, it not only irritates your eyes but oxidizes your tissues too.

It’s never safe to drink bleach because it can burn your GI tract and air passage. It can cause chest pain, delirium, low blood pressure, and coma. However, the severity of the damage depends on the concentration, and the quantity of bleach you consume.

Collectively, drinking bleach can induce an emergency because it’s dangerous for your life. Therefore, be more careful while using cleaning & bleaching products.

What to Do If Someone Drinks Bleach

The accidental swallowing of bleach is common in kids and the most recurring cause of dialing 911 in the US. So, what should you do if a mindless adult or a child drinks bleach?

  • First of all, make sure that the affected person has swallowed bleach.
  • Immediately call the poison control center if you have evidence or even speculate about bleach drinking.
  • Meanwhile, don’t try any trick or induce vomiting because it can worsen the situation.
  • Give the affected person water or milk if he or she is conscious and able to swallow. It will help to dilute the adverse effects of bleach.
  • Try to seek medical help as soon as possible to lower the risk of severe burns and permanent damage.
  • Make a hurry, drinking or swallowing bleach could be fatal.
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Furthermore, unscented liquid bleach is very helpful to disinfect water. Hence it is used in extremely low quantities. However, drinking undiluted bleach can kill you. Be careful, always use the recommended dose of bleach, and don’t exceed the limit. 

Final Thoughts

We may conclude that swallowing bleach is always unsafe especially, undiluted is more dangerous as it can kill you. Bleach is corrosive and can burn multiple layers of your skin and soft tissues in depth. 

Of course, touching bleach can burn your hands. Likewise, if you drink or swallow bleach it will readily oxidize and burn your mouth, oral cavity, trachea, and GI system. And, the damaging effects could last long.

Be alert, never try to swallow bleach or so-called alleged medicines containing the bleaching ingredient sodium hypochlorite. It’s toxic and can burn your internal organs. Lastly, keep all shaky products in a safe place and use them with great care. 

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