What Happens If You Swallow A Braces Bracket? [3 Steps To Follow In This Case]

what happens if you swallow a braces bracket

Do you remember the advice of your Orthodontist about using a braces bracket? He/she must recommend you don’t take any type of item especially hard food if you are using braces bracket while eating.

What? You forget about it. Oh! In this case, you must face the problem of swallowing braces bracket. Here you want to know What happens if you swallow a braces bracket?

Normally, there is no need to become afraid of the situation. It is not harmful. Braces bracket can easily pass out of your stomach naturally. If you have swallowed a braces wire, it will be dangerous. It will make scratches and sometimes cause stomach pain, difficult breathing, chest pain, and abdominal issues.

Don’t panic in such a case because your hurriedness may create problems for you and make you stressed. Just be relaxed and wait for the signs. If you feel any bad signs, you definitely need a doctor otherwise you just have to change braces by making an appointment with your dentist.

Remember that our stomach has acids that will dissolve anything no matter how much hard it is in seconds. 

Let’s try to understand this topic more deeply by reading this post!

What Happens If You Swallow A Braces Bracket

Many people use braces brackets to shape their teeth in a proper way. They do this in a case when they have unarranged teeth that look bad. Normally, people swallow braces bracket while eating in a hurry, and because of carelessness, they put this tiny material in their stomachs.

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You must be curious to know about what happens if you swallow a braces bracket? 

Don’t worry! Nothing serious will happen to your health. It can easily pass through your trachea and dissolve in your stomach. Sometimes it leaves a cut or a scratch on your throat while passing from it. That is not a serious matter.

The situation happens when you try to swallow a hard thing, food item or you eat in hurry. Mostly, you can’t feel it and it may reach your stomach with your food. You realize it when looking into the mirror and then you become surprised where it is gone.

In this case, there is a need to go to the doctor. You just have to make an appointment with your dentist to repair or replace your braces bracket. That’s all.

Take medical treatment only when you feel the cut is painful and big enough to create trouble for your while eating. 

What Happens If You Swallow A Braces Wire

Sometimes, braces wire or retainer wire may be swallowed by many people. It happens when you try to fix a loose bracket without consulting your doctor. In this case, braces wire may break down and goes inside your body with food items.

Here comes a question in your mind What happens if you swallow a braces wire? The simple and shortest answer to the question is that don’t worry! Just like braces brackets’ it may also come out of your body naturally in the stool. Mostly your stomach dissolves it with the help of acids found in it. Despite it, you may get scratches or cut while it passes through your throat because of its sharpness. It happens very rarely. So, don’t worry. In such cases, it is essential to visit the doctor for better treatment. In some cases, stomach and chest pain, abdominal issues, breathing problems, and some other health issues are seen.

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So, don’t wait in such cases and rush to the hospital as soon as possible.

What To Do When You Swallow A Braces Bracket(3 Steps)

No matter how you swallow a braces bracket. The question is that what should you do when you realize that you have missed the braces bracket. There are big chances that you have swallowed it. Three easy steps that you can follow to handle the situation are listed below:

#Step-1: Keep Yourself Calm

It is essential to make keep yourself calm and relaxed in any difficult situation. Your nervousness may make the situation worse for you. The braces bracket is mostly passed from your throat without harming it. It may come out of your body naturally. So, don’t worry and wait for the result.

#Step-2: Be Attentive And Notice The Symptoms

Don’t be careless. You must be attentive because sometimes braces bracket may get stuck in your body. Though such cases appear very rarely it happens. To control such conditions and avoid any further damage, you must take notice of the symptoms that appeared after swallowing the braces bracket.

If you feel chest and stomach pain, breathing difficulties, and abdomen problems, it means you need a doctor. Contact your physician as soon as possible.

#Step-3: Take An Appointment With Your Doctor

What should you do if you have swallowed braces bracket and find no serious sign even after a long time? There is nothing to do except get an appointment from your dentist and replace the braces bracket to make it work better.

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You should not worry and don’t take any medicine to get it out. It will come out in stool naturally after some time.

Follow all the steps mentioned above if you ever face the situation of swallowing braces bracket. It will help you to handle the problem perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Do If You Swallow Your Braces Bracket?

There is no need to worry if you swallow the bracket of your braces. It is not harmful to human beings because it will come out of your stomach naturally. So, relax and wait for it to digest.

When Should You Call The Doctor?

Normally, swallowing a braces bracket may not create any serious health issues. If it is stuck in your lung, you have to take notice and contact your physician immediately. You will know the seriousness of the situation when you start feeling pain in your chest and can’t breathe easily.

How Do You Swallow The Part of Your Braces?

There are many reasons that take part in swallowing braces bracket. If you try to fix a loose bracket yourself, it may be swallowed with food. Eating hard food and trying to eat quickly are also some other reasons.

Final Words

To summarize, it is said that swallowing a braces bracket is not weird as you think. It happens to many people who use braces for teeth. Some people don’t even know that they have swallowed braces bracket. Interesting!

Generally, it will not harm you because it may pass through your intestine easily and your stomach has acids that will help to digest anything. Remember the most important that don’t try to vomit yourself if you swallowed anything sharp.

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