What Happens If You Swallow A Bottle Cap? (Everything You U Want To Know)

what happens if you swallow a bottle cap

In our daily life, we often swallow many objects accidentally that are not for eating. Some of them can easily be digestible and make no harmful activity in our stomach. What about hard and sharp items like a bottle cap? It’s ridiculous to hear that you swallowed a bottle cap. Isn’t it?

It happens mostly with little kids who don’t know the side effects of it or in the case when you accept a challenge. 

What happens if you swallow a bottle cap? Obviously, it’s a life-threatening condition as you swallow a bottle cap of whatever material it is made up of. It can’t pass through your gullet. If it passes, it will get stuck in your stomach and soon start damaging it. It is so dangerous that it can cause your death.

Bottle caps are toxic and have Phthalates in liners that are used to seal a bottle. This toxicity goes inside your body with the cap as you swallow it. Bottle caps are not possible to digest a person so if you are stuck in such a hard situation, do try any trick to get it out. 

If you do so, you can make the situation more complicated. So, the best and safest way is to call the emergency center and follow the instructions of your doctor.

Let’s try to understand more deeply through this post!

What Happens If You Swallow A Plastic Bottle Cap

Sometimes, such situations occur with little babies. While playing they may swallow a bottle cap accidentally thinking it is an edible item. Or you may get it inside while drinking water in a hurry.

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You must want to know what happens if you swallow a plastic bottle cap?

Normally, a bottle cap has an acute border to seal the bottle. If the cap remains in your throat or stomach, it will damage your internal tissues and create problems while breathing.

what happens if you swallow a plastic bottle cap

It is impossible to swallow a plastic bottle as it is big enough and couldn’t be digestible. It may stop in your gullet or stomach and keep damaged inner tissues of your body until you bring it out. How?

It can be possible only with the help of a doctor. After getting proper medical treatment, you will be able to get rid of it.

Your intestine and many other valves may be blocked and you can die. Sometimes it may poop out but it happens very rarely.

What Happens If You Swallow A Beer Bottle Cap

It is hardly believable that someone would take a beer bottle cap accidentally. As you know our young generation likes challenges. They would like to do new and dangerous tricks to impress others.

What happens if you swallow a beer bottle cap to complete such a harmful task?

Stop doing so because it is very dangerous for your life. It may be stuck in your stomach or in your gullet which is impossible to digest through the intestine. You can get breathing problems. The sharp edges of the beer bottle cap can damage your internal part.

It’s not easy to pull it out from your stomach or gullet as a beer bottle cap is made up of wood. It is hard and indigestible. 

There is no way to remove it from your body except with a Gastroscope. This process can be done only by a professional at the hospital.

So, you should have to be careful and avoid accepting such foolish challenges because your life is more important than such tricks. Don’t try to pull it out yourself as you can damage your issues. Contact your doctor immediately. 

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What Happens If Your Baby Swallow A Bottle Cap

Swallowing different objects like coins, fish bones, magnets, button batteries, and a bottle cap is usually seen in babies. As you know kids are more curious about things and try to put everything in their mouth without knowing what it is.

what happens if your baby swallow a bottle cap

What happens if your baby swallows a bottle cap? As a child swallows such an object, it may get stuck in his/her throat or remain indigestible in the stomach. Soon it starts damaging the inner tissues of the body and creates big problems. 

At first, you can’t see any serious symptoms in your child. Soon the baby starts coughing, and signs of gagging, blood saliva, and fever appear. He/she may start vomiting and can’t eat anything. 

Complaints about neck, stomach, and chest pain are also common. The only thing in this case that you can do is make an emergency call and contact your doctor. Tell him about the condition of the baby and rush towards the hospital for urgent treatment.

How Could You Safe Your Child From Swallowing A Bottle Cap

It is a common fact that children are habitual in swallowing different objects. They can get them from any corner of the house and put them in their mouth. They don’t know how dangerous it is.

It’s your responsibility to take care of them and keep away all harmful things from them.

Don’t allow them to play with sharp and hard things that are small enough to fit in their mouth. Some objects are digestible so there is no need to worry about them. Just wait for it to poop out. In the case of bottle caps, the condition may be difficult and critical. 

Check the toys before giving them to your child and remove all such things that you think he/she can swallow.

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If it happens that he/she swallows something harmful, be quick to contact your doctor and take your child to the hospital immediately.

To know more about what happens if you swallow a bottle cap just check out our video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Digest a Bottle Cap?

Sharp and pointed objects are considered serious if swallowed accidentally. Bottle caps are also one of them. You should have to remove such objects as early as possible. These are not digestible. 

How Long Does It Take to Poop Out a Bottle Cap?

Any object that you have swallowed can be moved out through your digestive tract if it is not stuck in it. Later you can pass it out of the body in the stool easily. The whole process takes 24 to 48 hours. It may take more time depending upon your pit routine.

Are Bottle Caps Toxic?

Some bottle caps are toxic because there are phthalates found in cap liners that are used to seal a bottle. When you open a bottle, this toxic is left on it and goes inside your body as you take a sip of drink from it.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you are now able to understand the critical situation that occurred by swallowing a bottle cap. It is clear from the above discussion that it is more dangerous than you think. So, don’t take it easy.

Everybody must be aware of the safety tips and treatment process that he/she could get immediately. Don’t try any home remedy as it is hardly possible to remove a bottle cap from your throat or stomach. That’s why it is advised to go to the doctor as early as possible and provide him with all the basic info about the type of bottle cap.

To save your loved ones from such a difficult situation, it’s essential to share this helpful post with them and guide them properly.

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