What Happens If You Look At Your Phone Too Much? ( 7 Scary Happenings You Should Know)

The obsession with modern technology is so common that we can’t imagine living without it. When it comes to smartphones, we can’t abandon the mobile phone even for a moment. The charisma of social media haunts us all the time and we get lost in it. Is it right to forget yourself and keep on staring at your phone for too long?

What happens if you look at your phone too much? Looking at your phone too much is quite bad for your health and may result in different physical and psychological problems. You may have digital eye strain, macular or retinal degeneration, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and headaches.

The use of tablets, phones, and computers has tremendously increased during corona pandemic. Computers and tablets have wider screens and are better options for online studies, entertainment, and another prolonged usage. However, the radiation from smartphones is likely to cause cancer and retinal damage.

But the overuse of all digital devices and gadgets is harmful not only for your eyes, and brain but for your social life too. However, It is good to be aware but don’t forget yourself while twittering into others’ lives. Let’s read on to know what happens if you look at your phone too much.

What Happens If You Look at Your Phone Too Much

It’s really hard to resist the charms of digital gadgets when you are used to sleeping and getting up with them. But what happens if you stare at your phone too long?

Nothing bad will happen if you use your phone with proper care. But looking at your phone too much without considering the health of your eyes and brain, is quite harmful. It can cause stress, fatigue, low eyesight, and macular degeneration.

what happens if you look at your phone too much

Likewise, it may lead to sleep disorders and insomnia. More frequent use of smartphones can badly affect your productivity. You may lose interest in your work and finally, fall prey to phone addiction. 

What Happens If You Watch Your Phone Too Long

Prolonged use of your phone will impair your health, eyes, and peace of mind too. But we almost get tranced by social media, online games, and entertainment. Your phone is the first and last thing you watch every day. Isn’t it?  But have you ever imagined the bad effects of this indulgence?

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What really happens if you watch your phone too much?  The overuse of phones is quite harmful. Long exposure to bright light or LED lights with shorter wavelengths can affect the production of the Melatonin hormone resulting in sleep disorder, diminished alertness, eye strain, and many other health issues.

While constantly using phones, the glare of blue light can damage your nerve cells resulting in blurry vision and eye discomfort. We get so involved and distracted by phones that we even forget to blink and breathe normally.

What Happens If You Spend 12 Hours On Your Phone

Obviously, Spending too much time of your waking period on the phone is destructive. How would you do your job in the future? It’s gonna make you crazy because you are ignoring the needs of a healthy and well-balanced life. 

What happens if you spend 12 hours on your phone?  Long exposure to mobile screens and blue light can damage your retina resulting in myopia, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, and sleeplessness. You may also experience hormonal imbalance, neck pain, and hallucinations if you keep watching your phone till late at night.

what happens if you spend 12 hours on your phone

To prevent so many other health issues, limit the use of mobile phones to only 2-3 hours a day. Indulge yourself in reading books, sports, and outdoor activities to manage your leisure time.

The Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Human Body

No doubt, with great technology, comes great responsibility. Radio waves from mobile phones are a serious threat to the health of the brain, eyes, and nervous system. People who either watch their phones too much or talk on the phone for many hours a day are 50% more inclined to develop brain cancer.

Can you go blind from looking at your phone too much?

No, you’ll not go blind but overuse of smartphones can damage your eyes if you don’t follow the safety measures. Blue light and the narrow screen of mobiles cause more radiation damage to the retina and result in poor eyesight, stress, headaches, sleep disorders, and much more.

Moreover, loss of appetite and depression are common among teenagers because of the extensive use of phones. They become dull and apathetic to this world after spending hours busy with their smartphones. 

Excessive Mobile Phone usage And Its Impact On Human

Indeed, smartphone quickly gets our attention and distract us. Despite spending valuable time in the real-world rather than spending much in the cyber world may lead to anxiety. Scary news and contents, glamourized world, and threats, all lead to insecurity.

Compulsive use of the phone and the internet for playing games, watching videos, checking news feeds, and much more can affect your productivity and social life both at the academic level and at work. It may induce negativity if you switch to cybersex addiction.

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Warning Signs and Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction

Many of us get readily addicted to this magical world of social networking, entertainment, online shopping, different apps, and games that are available with just one touch. Some warning signs of mobile addiction are:

  1. Excessive use of the phone depicts a loss of significance of time.
  2. Too much use of the phone even when you’re driving or walking without realizing the risk factor.
  3. Withdrawal from mobile networks may induce anger, depression, and restlessness.
  4. Switch to the smartphone when feeling lonely and having unwanted feelings.
  5. Seek refuge in phones to distract when feeling boredom, anxiety, and insecurity.
  6. Sleep with your phone on and under your pillow.
  7. Get panicked if you leave your phone at home.

Psychological Effects of Cell Phone Addiction

The overuse of the mobile phone lays serious psychological impacts on the human mind. We build our own Utopia of smartphones, become indifferent to this world, and its realities. Some common psychological effects are given below:

  • Restlessness, sleep disturbances, and fatigue.
  • The hallucination of phone buzzer again and again.
  • Lack of concentration in studies or at work.
  • Difficult in sleeping at a proper time.
  • Lack of sound sleep because of bright light.
  • The brain remains awake all the time even in sleep because of frequent mobile beeps.
  • Depression and phone obsession.
  • Indifferent to real-time relationships, lack of communication, and carelessness.

How To Stop Cell Phone Addiction

No doubt, the more you use your smartphone, the more time you will want to spend with it. However, withdrawal from mobile networks may induce anger, depression, and restlessness. Ways to reduce the use of your phone are:

  • No need to ditch your phone because phones are inevitable. But restricting the use of smartphones to 2-3 hours a day will help a lot.
  • If you are getting panicky without a phone, try to invest your spare time in sports or relaxing exercises.
  • Turn off notifications, delete distracting apps, and limits frequent checking.
  • To resist the temptation of mobile phones and social media, set app time limits to save time.
  • Mostly we turn on the phone for an easy escape, to overcome this craving start reading books or going for a walk.
  • Replace your reclaimed time with new and productive hobbies. Delete the time-wasting apps and games to get rid of nomophobia.

Keep your phone away while sleeping and turn it off at certain times of the day to stop phone addiction.

To know more about what happens if you look at your phone too much just check out our video below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Eye Damage From Cell Phone Use?

The human eye is a sensitive organ. The bright lights released by many devices are harmful to human eyes. Prolonged use of cell phones and other digital devices can cause photoreceptor damage, myopia, eye strain, and macular degeneration. So be careful and don’t forget to give your eyes resting pauses at regular intervals while using the phone for a longer time.

What is The Addiction To Cell Phone Usage Called?

The overuse of phones is common, especially among students. Smartphone addiction is called “Nomophobia” (the fear of being without a phone). This phobia develops because of the overuse of the internet and repeatedly checking social media accounts, texts, emails, different apps, and much more. A stage comes when virtual online friends become more important than real-life friends and partners.

How to Protect Your Eyes From Mobile and Computer Screens?

More and more people are spending more and more time on their screens, whether it’s working, playing games, or checking social media. Screen time can be great for entertainment, but it can also have negative effects on your eyes. In this blog, we will teach you how to protect your eyes from mobile and computer screens. We will discuss the dangers of screen time and how to reduce the amount of time you spend looking at screens. We will also discuss the benefits of screen time and how to make the most of it. Follow these tips to stay healthy and see better on screens!

1. First, switch to a High-Resolution setting as it is close to real life.

2. Reduce the brightness to a moderate level, glare will make your eyes dull & dry.

3. Wear blue light protective glasses while looking at your phone, tablet, and computer.

4. Follow the 20/20 rule, regular resting breaks are good to relieve your eyes.

5. Get your eyes examined regularly to keep your eyes healthy.

Last Lines

Although digital devices are highly productive tools yet we may call smartphones little devils. The extreme use of phones not only wastes your time but causes eye strain, retinal damage, myopia, anxiety, blurry vision, depression, and insomnia. Of course, the use of electronic devices is inevitable to get aware of the current situations but not at the cost of your health and peace of mind.

Certainly, once you get addicted to smart gadgets then it’s quite hard to resist the craving for social media, online games, and other multiple Apps. Yet you can limit their use to keep a healthy balance between your personal life and social life as well. Let your mind be free and think of your very self. Stop looking too much at the phone, rather start evaluating yourself.

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