What Happens If You Swallow Hydrogen Peroxide? [Side Effects U Know]

What Happens If You Swallow Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a harmful chemical, caustic and toxic in nature. It causes corrosive damage, oxygen formation, and lipid peroxidation. If someone keeps its bottle in pure liquid form, they need to be cautious of children and pets. 

Suppose a child drinks it accidently, the foaming saliva from his mouth can frighten you. No need to worry, your child is fine he drank it in low concentration. Thanks to its bad taste, no one would love to take more than a few drops. With this said read on the answer to the question:

What happens if you swallow hydrogen peroxide? Nothing to worry about if it is only a few drops of  3% concentrated hydrogen peroxide. However, drinking a high dose of industrial and food-grade H₂O₂ can cause serious side effects and even death. The common symptoms of ingesting this toxic chemical are nausea, vomiting, and irritation of the throat, tongue, and mouth.

The symptoms after having this liquid depend on quantity, concentration, and doses. Even a few drops of industrial H2O2 can kill you as it is highly potent and can wreck your esophagus and food track. Always read the label before tasting any unknown liquid.

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide made Of

Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid chemical with the formula H₂O₂. This chemical is pale bluish in color in its pure form though colorless at room temperature. It is a little bit more viscous than water. It has only one oxygen-oxygen bond which decomposes when exposed to light or with other reactive compounds

What is hydrogen peroxide used for? It is a powerful oxidizing agent mostly used in bleaching products. It also works as an antiseptic. It is also used in medicine for treating wounds. In industries, it’s used in the production of cosmetic products.

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Types Of Hydrogen Peroxide & Its Dangers If Swallow

It is mainly used for commercial purposes. In industrial use,  its dilution and strength vary according to its applications. It is classified into 4 pain main types depending on its concentration. Let’s discuss each type and its side effect if ingested

Domestic Hydrogen Peroxide(3%)

It is mostly used in oral hygiene products such as toothpaste and mouth wash. Its concentration is low, only 3%. Ingesting it can cause mild symptoms of nauseous or abdominal distress. Its recommended to spat or gaggle more than 3 times after using these products.

Bleaching Agent H2O2 (5-10%)

The high oxidizing property of this compound makes it a powerful bleaching agent. It is used in coloring products to light up the dark color. Ingesting this type cause the same symptoms of nausea, vomiting, oral itching, and stomach pain. 

Food Grade H2O2 (35%)

It is chemical-free yet toxic. Becareful of the name can make you think it’s safe. It’s not the case. It’s highly potent and ingesting even a few drops can take you to an emergency bed in the hospital. It has a high concentration of about 35%.

Industrial Strength 90% Concenteratd H2O2

Only a few drops of this highly potent hydrogen peroxide can kill you. It is not recommended for personal use. It is used in the textile industry mainly. Selling it for non-commercial use is illegal in many countries.

What Happens If You eat Hydrogen Peroxide

Is It Safe To Drink Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a toxic chemical, strictly prohibited to drink.  If someone drinks it n a large amount accidentally, it can be fatal. However, swallowing one or two drops may not cause any symptoms. By all sources, it’s a proven fact that hydrogen peroxide is dangerous to drink. Stay far away!

Is it safe to drink hydrogen peroxide? No, it’s extremely dangerous to drink this toxic compound. If you drink industrial-strength 90% hydrogen peroxide, you can die even before reaching the hospital. In this case quantity and strength matters alot. 

Dangers Of swallowing Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is toxic to touch, taste, and inhale. Its side effects mainly depend on how you come in contact with this liquid. If you ingest it you are in the riskiest situation. 

Not all types of hydrogen peroxide are life-threatening. It depends mainly on its strength and percentage. The strength varies from 3% to even 90%. It becomes more fatal for ingestion as you go up in its strength.

Side Effects Of Swallowing Only 3% Hydrogen peroxide

This 3% H2O2 is considered the mildest one in its potency. You won’t go symptom-free even after ingesting only 3% of Hydrogen peroxide.  The potential side effects of ingesting it are listed below

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Sore Mouth Or Throat
  • Burning sensation
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Side Effects Of Ingesting 10 to 20% Hydrogen Peroxide

The symptom of ingesting more potent hydrogen peroxide up to 20% are the same. However, it causes more abdomen issues 

  • Throw up
  • Upper abdomen pain
  • Discomfort
  • Itching in Throat
  • Severe Inner burning sensation

Side Effects Of Ingesting More than 20% Of Hydrogen Peroxide

When you go up in strength, th symptoms get worse. You are likely to feel the same symptoms as mentioned above for swallowing 20% or above H2O2. The new symptoms of getting faint or losing consciousness may also occur.

Swallowing Or Drinking Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide & Its Side Effects

It is the biggest misconception that food-grade hydrogen peroxide is free from all toxins. It is an unsafe practice to drink this thinking it is safe. Many cancer patients are reported drinking food-grade compounds in order to kill cancer cells. It’s an unauthentic and non Proven fact. Research has either proven that H2O2 promotes the growth of cancer cells instead of killing them. 

It is mainly used as a disinfectant in household products to kill microbials. Its concertation is 35% which is extremely dangerous if ingested. It can kill you even in small amounts. 

What To Do If You Swallow Hydrogen Peroxide 

It’s uncommon to keep this liquid in its pure form at home. Its sold on a commercial scale. However if someone buys it and keeps the bottle at home, it’s extremely dangerous. Children can drink it thinking it is water or juice. If this happened to someone what should be the next step. Let’s read on!

What to do if you swallow hydrogen peroxide? No worry if it’s low strength 3% concentrated liquid and taken in a benign amount. The real worry starts only when someone accidentally swallows a large amount of highly potent food graded(35%) or industrial strength(90%) H2O2. Call poison control center and emergency numbers to get immediate medical aid.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Damage your Mouth

It’s an important question as we use this in different commercial products daily to apply inside the oral cavity. Is it safe to apply daily on the mouth? All commercial dental hygienic products use the safest concentration of this chemical and recommend gaggle or rinsing after use. If we don’t spit the product after applying properly, our gums are likely to sore or swallow. Its long-term constant application in high concentration can cause irritation in the tongue and inner skin or jaws.

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Can hydrogen peroxide damage your mouth? Yes, it can if you use high concentration constantly. It can wreck your food pipe if you drink it deliberately and kill you. It can severely affect the oral cavity causing inflammation and infection. It’s recommended to spit any product out of the mouth that uses highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Toxic to Humans?

Yes, it is highly toxic not only for humans but also for pets. It’s even chronic toxic to touch, taste, and inhale. It can cause illness, lifelong health issues, and even death if ingested in high doses in large concentrations. Its 90% strength can boil your food pipe within a second. Its found in a lot of commercial products. Industrialists know how to use it in the safest concentration in such products. So becareful dont ingest such oral care medicines that contain hydrogen peroxide. Most such products are designed to apply and spit out of the mouth. 

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Kill You?

Yes, it can kill you if taken in a high dose and high concentration. It’s a chronically toxic chemical that can wreak the whole esophagus and internal organs. However, it’s safe if the concentration is too low 3 to 10% and only a few drops are ingested. 

How Much Hydrogen peroxide to add to drinking water?

If you want to add it to drinking water as a disinfectant, chose only a 1% concentrated solution. Mix it into two parts, one is water and the other is hydrogen peroxide. Don’t add a highly concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide to drinking water. It’s unsafe for oral intake!

Last Thoughts

Its bad practice to swallow or drink harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. It should not be sold openly. Industrialists, pharmacists, and drug manufacturers should try to avoid unsafe sales and purchases. Storing it at home is either more dangerous. In this way, kids and pets can accidently drink it. 

If you buy it for some household or disinfectant purpose make sure never buy more than 3% concentrated solution. And don’t buy its large size bottle. Store it far from the reach of children. If someone drinks it, seek medical aid immediately.

One more thing, it does not treat cancer or HIV. Never try any chemical without proper research and doctor advice. Thanks!

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