What Happens If You Swallow Watermelon Seeds? (Secrets U Should Know)

what happens if you eat watermelon seeds

Whenever we see juicy red and fleshy watermelons, a delicious taste appears in our mind and we readily prepare to eat them. But most people who love watermelon hate its seed and throw it after eating its soft juicy part. They even participate in seed throwing contests. Are you also thinking that it’s hard rough seed is useless for you?

What happens if you swallow watermelon seed? Nothing much worse happens, it will pass out undigested. But if you eat it after roasting or peeling its hard shell it will give you a high amount of minerals, and vitamins. Protein, carbs, and fatty acids. Many nutritionists suggest a 5-gram amount daily for pregnant women.

Some people think that it contains small amounts of cyanide like apples but it is not true. Its seeds are harmless. For further information, you should study our article. It will guide you and show you how useful this item is.

What Happens If You Swallow Watermelon Seeds

During hot summer days, red juicy watermelon comforts the body. This fruit is popular in the whole world due to its taste, low fiber, and high water content. But most people disliked its seeds. They feel it is difficult to chew and spit out while eating. Some are even more conscious about its seed and think if they swallow its seed without chewing it grows in their stomach and makes a big tree. Oh, it is simply impossible for a seed to grow in the highly acidic medium of your stomach,

Some Nutrition suggests that this seed contains a lot of nutrients, mineral-like magnesium and iron. So don’t spit it and eat it with fruit like part of the fruit.

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What Happens If You Eat White Watermelon Seeds

Some fruit sellers sell seedless watermelon. When you cut it it is free of black hard seeds but there are small soft white seeds present. These seeds are harmless and you can easily eat them. Perhaps you think that these watermelons are specially prepared in the lab but it is not true.

 These white seeds are immature black seeds. These seeds are very soft and you can easily eat them with the fleshy part of the fruit. These seeds are not fertile so cannot be used to plant a watermelon plant.

What Happens When You Swallow Watermelon Seeds

You can eat watermelon seed but it is better to roast and peel its black tough upper part because it does not digest. If you swallow without chewing it stays in the stomach for some time and passes out as a whole without change.

Sometimes mothers tell their kids that if they swallow raw seed it will grow inside their stomach, but this myth is not true. You can eat its seed without fear.

What Happens If You Swallow Watermelon Seeds While Pregnant

Watermelon seed is highly recommended for pregnant women. Its balance of protein, carbs, pantothenic acid, as well as vitamins A, C, and B makes it a super diet during pregnancy.

Lutein and lycopene are two important antioxidants that are essential to prevent many pregnancy complications. so let’s see what advantages you can get from it.

1. Low-Calorie Diet

Only a fist full of these seeds is enough for you in this condition. It is a rich source of fats and protein. This measure is 5 grams(60seeds) and has only 20 to22 calories 

2. Lots Of Essential Minerals In The Little Pack

Watermelon seeds are packed with a lot of minerals like copper, zinc, selenium, iron, and magnesium. These are not easily available in any single diet. These are instrumental for fetal growth. These give a big package during the period of pregnancy. Potassium is an active ingredient for the strong teeth and bones of a fetus. 

3. The Rich Source Of Vitamin

Vitamins and folate are present in the watermelon seeds and contribute to the growth of the baby in the mother’s womb. Mothers obtain energy through this and remain healthy during pregnancy.

4. Reduces Muscle Cramps

During pregnancy, all women gain weight for nine months. They have a lot of changes in their body shape and also many hormones produced by a fetus. High weight leads to muscle cramps. Watermelon is best to bring comfort in this condition.

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5. Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases the immunity of the baby and mother. It reduces the risk of many infections and allergies.  A small baby in her mother can adopt a lot of diseases if her mother has low immunity.

6. Watermelon Seed oil.

In some countries, its oil is extracted through the cold-press method, using sun-dried seed. This oil is light in texture and has wonderful effects on your skin and hair. Its moisturizing nature makes it good for babies. In addition to many minerals and vitamins, these contain essential fatty acids. These fatty acids remove dirt, or sebum from the skin and so very helpful in acne and other skin issues

7. Useful Snacks

In the last trimester of pregnancy women’s appetite increases as the size of the baby increases. Roasted seeds are not only tasty but also light and easily digestible. It is cheaper and healthier food as compared to other heavy and costly diets like chips. It saves you from any unhealthy intake of calories.  

8. Clear and Healthy Skin

It reduces pigmentation and produces healthy skin. Women with low iron and folic acid have many skin issues. Due to its healthy contents, women feel light and happy and their skin glows. It brings natural beauty.

9. Smoothies and Tea

When dried watermelon seed is powdered. This powder is used as a smoothie or tea. This light fluid is an antioxidant and reduces stress in females.

10. Electrolyte Balance

Potassium plays a vital role in the human body which you get from watermelon seed. It keeps our heart strong and one of its best functions is to keep the electrolytes in balance.

This will not only make you active and healthy in pregnancy but also save your child from future diseases.

what happens if you eat black watermelon seeds

What Happens If You Swallow Black Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds are a good source of magnesium. This mineral is involved in more than 600 chemical reactions in our body. According to a famous nutritionist, one serving of seeds can fulfill 30% of daily magnesium.

It contains lycopene which is the main reason for red pigment in fruits and is considered highly antioxidant. It gives hundreds of health advantages from the prevention of cancer to effectiveness for cardiovascular health.  

In addition to magnesium, it is also a big source of other minerals like folate, zinc, protein, and a small amount of iron.

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What Happens If You Swallow Too Much Watermelon Seeds

Excess to everything is bad. Though watermelon seed is not very dangerous it contains low water content which can slow down your stomach activity and its large amount may burden your gut. But its other raw material continuously pushes it through the intestine and you feel relief when it comes out.

5 harmful Effects of Eating Too Much Watermelon

What happens when you eat too much watermelon? Well, the effects are not very pleasant, if you ask us. We decided to put together some of our favorite memes that have been sent in by our readers over the years. There are a few harmful effects of eating too much watermelon which are given below –

1. It increases the glucose level in the blood

2. Its overdose may be initiating heart problem

3. Liver inflammation maybe occurs

4. It causes diarrhea and heaviness in the stomach

5. It produces overhydration and water intoxication 

Do Watermelon Seed Contain Cyanide

There was no cyanide in its shell while its seed contains 0.79+0.01 mg/100g which is much lower than the harmful value of 30.24+0.02mg/100 which may occur in sweet potatoes. Apples and pear seeds have more cyanide as compared to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should be the Quantity You May Eat of Watermelon Seeds?

Though it is highly energetic and rich in minerals but should eat it in a balanced way. Fistful seeds, normally 50 to 60 in numbers are enough. A large quantity may cause diarrhea or other disturbances in the stomach.   

What Happens if You Accidentally Swallow a Watermelon Seed?

The best answer is that nothing harmful happens to you. It will pass out undigested in a few hours. According to an old myth if the whole seed enters your stomach it will grow there, which is wrong. Instead, it will give you nutrition when peeling off its hard shell.  

Bottom Line

Now at the end of this post, we are sure you have changed many of your old beliefs about watermelon seed. We thoroughly discuss its positive aspects while its negative effects are fewer. Its benefits cover all harmful things.

It contains a long list of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and protein. Some amount of carbohydrates and other materials make it worthy to eat. In some places, it is even sold in beautiful packaging. So, don’t miss it and eat with fleshy watermelon and enjoy its seeds also. 

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