What Happens If You Swallow Eye Drops? [Swallowing Eye Drops Could Be Fatal]

What Happens If You Swallow Eye Drops

Eye drops are not too simple to cure red, dry, or irritated eyes. They help us treat blurriness, inflammation, or even clear our vision. But they become hazardous if someone swallows eye drops. So, how would they feel after swallowing eye drops?

It is something you could never imagine.

Swallowing eye drops have the components, that can make them fatal. It sounds unbelievable. Because death cases of people confirmed that its adverse effects had made it possible.

What Happens If You Swallow Eye Drops? Swallowing a small number of eye drops is not much problematic. However, drinking its larger amounts causes low heart levels, slow blood pressure, damage to the nervous system, paralysis, or even makes a person die.

Eye drops are a fast remedy to treat your eye problems. But you don’t know the possible results of taking them in your mouth. Let’s find out what would happen when you swallow eye drops.

What Happens If You Swallow Eye Drops

Eye drops are not cold drinks; no one can imagine swallowing them, even in a very thirsty mode. However, if someone swallows heavy amounts by mistake, what would happen? 

In most cases, its proper dosage is 2 drops, 6 times daily. By following this correct dosage, you can avoid swallowing these drops. Swallowing small amounts of eye drops is not harmful. However, its larger amount can cause low blood pressure, slow heartbeat, affect the nervous system, decrease the body temperature, and cause coma, or even death.

Typically, eye drops are designed to treat the redness, inflammation, and irritation of the eyes. They are recommended to be put in the eyes. Their dosage is set in drops.

Can Eye Drops Kill You?

Don’t try to follow the scenes of the wedding crasher movie. Real-life is not a scene in a movie where an actor is trying to cause diarrhoea for just a joke. 

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Can eye drops kill you? In most cases, tetrahydrozoline affects adults. However, toddlers aged 1 to 2 years are more prone to swallowing this medicine. Since the toxicity of tetrahydrozoline is fatal in children, parents should be alerted to this life-threatening poison.

Is Eye Drops Poisonous

After watching the headlines of Lana Sue Clayton’s story, you may wonder how such a small bottle of eye drops could be fatal. She used Visine-eyedrops for the murder of her husband. It’s unbelievable. But it happened. 

Is eye drop poisonous? Tetrahydrozoline is a substance that is a prominent part of this medicine. This tetrahydrozoline contains the same properties as a blood pressure drug known as clonidine. When a normal eye drop is used cruelly, it might be lethal.

Eye drops contain chemicals that cure the redness and inflammation in the eyes. Mostly in the U.S.A, such medications are sold over-the-counter in drugstores. Unfortunately, these are typically packed in kid-friendly packaging.

What Happens If You Drink Eye Drops With Water

Eye drops never look like a bottle of a tasty drink. But some stupid or small children can mix it with water. In this condition, what if someone drinks eye drops with water?

Drinking a small number of eye drops with water doesn’t cause many problems. However, drinking it frequently can also prove to be fatal. because its toxic tetrahydrozoline can enter your blood circulatory system. This way, it can damage the nervous system.

When a person drinks eye drops mistakenly or may be forced to drink, they will notice these symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Trouble breathing or no breathing
  • Poor heartbeat
  • Shivering
  • coma

How Long Are Eye Drops Good For After Opening

Generally, eye drops are designed for treating ordinary issues, such as eye redness or allergic issues.

People want to know if eye drops are valid after opening. Usually, eye drops are good for 3 months after opening. Eye drops are good for one year after their manufacturing date. However, if you open the eye drops, they will expire after 3 months of their opening.

Can Eye Drops Go Into Your Mouth

Have you ever felt the taste of eye drops after putting them in your eyes? Is it normal?

Some eye drops are available in only one disposable package. You can experience its flavour in your mouth. It’s natural because the nasal duct pushes some of the eye drops along with your tears.

Can You Overdose On Eye Drops

Eye drops are good to treat severe eye problems. But people don’t care about the exact dosage of eye drops, which is two drops six times per day. So focus on the proper dose while pouring it into your eyes.

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Is there a chance of overdosing on eye drops? If you put the eye drops carelessly, your eyes may suffer a paradoxical embolism condition. Constant use of artificial tears can remove the oils from your eyes. This condition may cause a paradoxical effect on your eyes. To treat such effects, you may overdose on eye drops. As a result, your eyes may get more irritated.

What If Eye Drops Don’t Work

If your eye infection is not repaired by your eye drops, then there is no need to wait. Below are a few signs that should alarm you to stop using such eye drops immediately:

  • Despite its daily usage, you are still failing to cure the redness in your eyes.
  • If your eyes are still uncomfortable and red while using your eye drops,
  • You are experiencing some adverse effects.
  • The eye drop works only at a specific temperature or environment.
  • The symptoms of the medicine can persist for a lot longer.

What To Do If Eye Drops Don’t Work

Are your eye drops working properly? They are for reducing eye redness, dryness, or irritation. Yet, such claims are never 100% reliable. So, here it is: what to do if your eye drops are failing to treat your eyes.

  • Don’t trust any over-the-counter drug for regular use.
  • After experiencing some improvement, you should decrease the number of drops according to your doctor’s advice.
  • If you have preservative sensitivity, you should prefer preservative-free medication alternatives.
  • If you continue the treatment for a while and your eyes are much less dry, the itching may go away. 
  • Otherwise, you should try a different approach.
  • If your usual treatment works only in a specific climate or time, ask your doctor to change the eye drops.
  • If you feel blurriness after waking up, you should stop the eye drops.

What to Do If You Accidentally Swallow Eye Drops

Have you taken any eye drops unintentionally? What to do?

If you’re just a child, they’re very risky. But don’t worry if you have consumed a little bit. But swallowing its large amounts causes lethargy, a risky pulse rate, and very low blood pressure.

If you have swallowed the larger amounts, follow these tips:

  • You should never force the patient to vomit.
  • Check for signs of tissue injury in the mouth or lips. 
  • You should untie the tight outerwear, such as a neckline, knot, seatbelt, or waistline. 
  • Practice mouth-to-mouth therapy to remove the breathing problem.
  • Bring the victim to the nearest eye clinic for proper treatment.

Can Eye Drops Go To Your Throat

Can eye drops travel down your throat?

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You might get a sensation of eye drops in your throat or sense that they’re flowing down your neck. It’s natural. Because the tear canal that dumps tears into your nose will also drain a lot of eye drops. To avoid this, just press down over the tear duct for a moment after putting the drop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Eye Drops Hurt You If You Swallow Them

Respiratory blockage and irritated, red eyes are commonly treated with over-the-counter eye drops and nasal sprays. They can cause severe toxic effects or even prove to be fatal after oral consumption. 

What Happens If Eye Drops Get Into Your Throat

The eye drops start travelling from the tear ducts, or into the nose, and lastly into the throat. In the throat, they make a funny taste. Many eye drops are sour or tart. Eye drops that flow into the throat can sometimes produce stomach acidity.

Do Eye Drops Make You Poop?

It is widely assumed that swallowing eye drops will result in diarrhoea. Although consuming eye drops may induce diarrhoea, it is not the most prevalent or usual side effect. Gulping down the eye drops that contain tetrahydrozoline can be dangerous and even fatal.

Can Eye Drops Affect Your Mouth?

No, they don’t hurt your mouth. Just a little amount of eye drops enter your mouth with your tears through the tear duct. It is not too much to damage your mouth. It will just cause a taste of eye drops in your mouth.

Final Words

It’s the worst thing because the human system makes you want to die whenever you swallow eye drops. Eye drops are a very important part of medicine when it comes to treating eye problems.

It is important to know the proper way to use eye drops. If you swallow a small number of eye drops, you probably won’t have any problems. Especially if you don’t make a daily routine of using eye drops.

But gulping down a larger quantity of eye drops may cause low blood pressure, poor heartbeat, paralysis, coma, or even death. Remember that some eye drops are now used for slow poisoning for criminal purposes.

Always keep the bottle of eye drops away from the reach of children. Unless you are using the eye drops as prescribed by your doctor, never try to store them for more than 3days after opening.

In actuality, swallowing eye drops can be very risky. If you have any confusion about its proper use. You should consult with your doctor before starting the medicine. 

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