What Happens If You Swallow An Airpod? (Airpod Inside Your Body)

what happens if you swallow an airpod

In this modern life, you will see Apple AirPods dangling out of everyone’s ears. Although those earbuds are not looking so graceful, people wear them to follow this trend. So, what happens if you forget to take off your AirPods? 

First, you’ll find out an easy way to stick these AirPods on your ears. This is due to the fact whilst you could doze off together along with your AirPods, and awakened with one beeping out of your belly. You’d swallowed it in your sleep. Amazingly, your AirPods can face up to belly acid, which contains an amazing pH of 1.7.

What happens if you swallow an airport? In most cases, the AirPod easily comes out from your body through your poop. But if it gets stuck in your esophagus, you must seek medical treatment. After a proper check-up, the doctor will prescribe further treatment.

Imagine, you want to check the taste of your AirPods, you will think 100 times before taking it in your mouth. Let’s try to find the AirPods inside your stomach

Can You Swallow An Airpod In Your Sleep

Many people forget to remove their AirPods before sleeping. They don’t know the risk, they may face while sleeping. There are some cases, where people swallowed their AirPods in sleep.

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It sounds quite foolish. But many people have done this stupid thing. You believe it or not, the truth is that their stomach had heard the beep of the AirPods.

What Happens If A Baby Swallows An Air Pod

Be calm, nothing bad happened to your baby after swallowing an earbud. However, if you notice any trouble in her/his drinking, eating, or breathing, you should go for a medical check-up. To avoid such a situation, keep your AirPods away from the access of naughty babies.

As babies like to play with the earphones, they shout to get them,  whenever they see them. You have to give earbuds to your babies to play with them. Innocently, they take the cover and place it in their mouth to check the taste. But the earbud slipped from the mouth toward the trachea. Now the problem starts, which makes the parents nervous.

what happens when you swallow an airpod

How Your Baby Feels After Swallowing An Airpod

  • The baby may feel trouble eating, drinking, or swallowing.
  • However, he/she can swallow something with difficulty.
  • He/she also feels difficulty in her breathing. 

What To Do If Your Baby Swallows An Airpod

  • Try to give more water 
  • Quickly feed him a handful of rice.
  • Feed the baby with some soft fruits, like papaya, banana, or tomato.
  • Monitor your baby’s stools for 2 days.
  • If your baby is looking normal and playing well, the airpod will pass away from the body through the poop after 24 hours.
  • Always take off the covers of the earbuds before giving them to your mischievous babies.

What Happens If  A Child Swallows An Airphone Buds

Don’t worry, if your child is comfortable and playing as usual. The airphone bud will come out in the child’s poop within 40 to 70 hours. Just try to drink him more milk or water. Give half a banana and some slices of papaya. It will help to pass out from the other end of your child’s system without causing any harm.

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If it sticks in the esophagus, your child may suffer severe choking, chest tightness, and suffocation. You need to take your child for proper treatment.

What Happens If Your Dog Swallows An Airpod

If your dog is alright, let him for 1-2 days, and monitor the dog’s poo. It will poop AirPods. Never let your dog to even touch your AirPods again.

If your dog shows these signs, you should seek medical aid for your pet:

  • Refuses to eat
  • Seems lethargic
  • Vomiting

The vet will operate to remove this airpod. Surely, it has lodged into some sensitive part of your dog’s body system.

Can My Dog explode The Airpods By Chewing them?

It is doubtful that my dog may explode it. Unfortunately, if your AirPods start to overheat, flame, or enlarge, they may probably explode

Set it in a non-flammable place, distant from any explosive substances. Bring the air pods out to fire out if necessary.

What Happens If You Swallow an Airpod

If the AirPods are trapped in your trachea, it may block the supply of oxygen to your nervous system. This situation may affect your brain and you may ultimately die. If they’re not stuck in your throat, they’ll risk ending up in your gut, where the electronics will interact with gastric acid, thus harming you.

What To Face In The Hospital To Remove The Airpod Inside You

In a hospital, a pipe will be put into your esophagus and pulled out of the airpod. When they get trapped in your GI tract, surgeons will operate to get them out.

To avoid such stupid incidents, you need a psychiatrist to treat your mental disorder. Since you are unable to differentiate the edibles and non-edibles. Eating AirPods is never a good idea.

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Can Swallowed Airpods Works After Coming Out A Human

It is the story of Taiwanese Ben Hsu. He went to sleep with his earbuds already in his ear. He was taken to the clinic after knowing its location where it was and was prescribed a pill by the doctors.

He succeeded to poop the  AirPods in a railway station’s lavatory. Amazingly, when he washed and dried it, it was still in a working condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

 Is it Safe to Use AirPods?

No, AirPods do not release harmful electrical or electromagnetic radiation. AirPods present risks to electromagnetic fields that are substantially under the FCC’s standard, which must be respected by all wi – fi in the US. Apple’s AirPods release harmful frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

Is AirPods Prone to Explode in Your Ear?

It’s a big ask that your AirPods may blow up in your ear if you’re wearing them. All of the reported incidents of such an occurrence have now been checked out.


The AirPods felt like an aspirational status symbol. If you have swallowed an Airpod, seek immediate medical attention, this little device has an electric battery. Foreign objectsAirpods can be swallowed by babies, children, and sometimes even grownups. 

In one situation,  the AirPods will pass away in the stools without affecting the body system. For this, eat bananas, and papaya, drink more water or milk, wait for 2 days, and monitor the poop.

In the other case, the AirPods get trapped in your trachea, causing difficulty in breathing, drinking, or eating. Such signs need instant medical aid. So it is necessary to visit a hospital. However, eating airport is never a wise idea. So be careful, and avoid doing such stupid things. 

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