What is The Difference Between Satin Black and Matte Black? [5 Distinctions]

What is The Difference Between Satin Black and Matte Black

When it comes to wrapping your car, the choice between a satin and matt black finish is always confusing. It may not give you a better idea unless you see and observe both shades comparatively.

What is the difference between satin black and matt black? The major difference between both is the light reflection property. Satin reflects more light to appear glossy, whereas matt reflects no more light to appear dull. The cost, appearance, and durability of both vary considerably.

Almost every color in the world is available in both satin and matt finish. With black when you try both, it looks more stylish, and amazing. Cars, it’s the best choice for many riders.

5 Differences Between Satin Black and Matte Black

There are few marked differences between matt and satin shades. The black color itself has eye-grabbing qualities. Let’s discuss Satin Vs Matte black in detail:


Both Satin and Matte appear totally different. You can easily identify each one if you see both finishes on the paint card. The one that appears glossy is surely satin. Brightness is the main indicator to mark the clear line of distinction between both.

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There are four types of wrap finish known: gloss, satin, eggshell, and matt. The finish of satin is more than sheen but less than gloss. On the other hand, the matt finish is dull, muted, and flat. Simply, the glossy wrap would be satin and less glossy would be Matte.

#3-Level of reflectiveness

The satin wrap is highly reflective to light, while matt shows light reflection. On the spectrum, Satin appears after gloss, whereas matt comes at least a reflective level. It makes satin easy to clean.


Satin black is made to wrap the metallic body of the car. It keeps metal safe from rust and decay. However, Matt’s black does not look good on the metal. It is made to wrap plastic and nonmetallic parts of cars. 

#5- Maintenance 

Satin black looks neat and clean, while matt black is not easy to maintain. It looks dusty every time. It requires regular clean-up. It also exposes scratches more than Satin because of low shine, Its maintenance cost is higher than Satin as it requires polishing and respraying after a few months. 

#6- Cost

The satin wrap is expensive and can go as high as $10,000. It requires a pro painter and you cant do it yourself. On the other hand, matt is less costly and starts from $240 to $2000. 

Difference Between Satin Black and Matte Black

Is Matte Black the Same As Satin Black

Black color wraps come in three finishes i.e, gloss, satin, and matt. The background color is always black in each finish with a slightly different reflectiveness level in each. 

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Is matt black the same as satin black? No, both are slightly different. Matte black is a dull finish that shows less reflection, while satin reflects more light. As a result, satin appears glossy, shiny, and later has a sheen

Which Is Better Matte Or Satin

It depends on where you want to apply wrap and your personal preference. If you like the glossy look, your choice would be Satin. If you love a decent less shiny appearance, you will prefer matte. Pro experts advise that if you are applying wrap on a car keep the weather factor in mind. Food hot areas Satin is not the best option. It tends to get hotter quickly due to high reflectiveness.

Which is better Matte or Satin? Satin is easy to clean but it gets warmer soon. The matt is cold, sophisticated, and looks amazing. If you want to apply the wrap on metal, satin is the best option. Otherwise for plastic, matte is the best choice.

Where To Use Satin Black

High reflectiveness and durable look make satin finish fit for several applications. If you want to avoid frequent cleaning you can use satin paint. It can be used on both interior and exterior walls, wood, metal, and fences. It is the perfect choice to apply to wood. It hides wear and tear and makes the wooden objects look clean and shiny. 

This finish is also found in exterior paints and car wraps. It offers high protection to the wood, metallic objects, masonry, and plastic. You can even use this finish to paint on the radiator. 

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Pros & Cons Of Satin Black

If you are going to order satin black wrap or paint, read about the benefits of using it below:


  • Its cost-effective
  • It’s durable
  • It hides blemishes
  • It’s easy to clean
  • High tech paint
  • No more coats needed
  • Moisture resistant


  • Application is time taking 
  • Costly

Pros & Cons Of Matte Black

If you are going to choose matte black, read its pros and cons first. Let’s check out below:


  • Easy to apply
  • Cost-effective
  • Appear decent


  • Less resistant to water and moisture
  • Less durable


Can you mix Satin and Matt paint?

Yes, you can mix it, you will get an eggshell black finish in return. It’s not easy to mix it manually. If you dont use a mechanical mixer for this purpose, you are likely to lose the effect of both paints. If you want an eggshell finish, dont try to get it after mixing two. 

Is matt finish good for walls?

Yes, it’s a good choice. If you want to hide imperfections in the wall. However, ts not a good choice for exterior walls as its not good resistant to water and moisture. For interior walls, it’s a good option. 


Now you’re fully aware of the difference between both paints. The only similarity is that the background color is black. Your personal choice matters alot. You can compare the gloss and sheen of satin and matte. 

If you have any extra information regarding both finishes, share it in the comment box. 

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