What is Compatible with Cutler Hammer Breakers? [5 Options]

What is Compatible with Cutler Hammer Breakers

Cutler-Hammer is a renowned name of breaker manufacturing company since 1893. Even today they are known as the best breaker manufacturers. You can see the services and breakers of this company everywhere, in houses, hospitals, industries, and telecommunication lines. The reason is that it’s super easy to install and operate at all levels.

Several brands of circuit breakers are compatible with one another, but few are not. If a certain brand is not compatible with another breaker, it is likely not to fit well on a bus bar or a loose connection may result in overheating or fire.

In this post, we’ll look at what is compatible with cutler hammer breakers?

There are 5 types of Breakers compatible with Culter’s hammer i.e, low voltage, high voltage, medium voltage, thermal circuit breakers, and magnetic breakers. Choosing a compatible one from all five mainly depends on what model of breaker you’re looking for.

The application and voltage requirement of each type is different. Some are suitable for domestic use, while others are good for industrial. Some breakers come with manual switches, while others operate on an automated mechanical system.

Cutler Hammer Breakers

What To Look For Choosing Compatible Breaker For Cutler-Hammer

Choosing compatible breakers for cutler hammers is a daunting task if you know little about specifications. This includes the knowledge about the voltage that the breaker requires for its smooth functioning and the wire type suitable for that volts.

Warning: Wrong wire connection may result in extra heat and even fire. Seek pro assistance

Below are a few important things to consider when choosing a compatible circuit breaker for a cutler hammer:

Check Voltage Requirement

Choosing the right voltage is the main requirement for the compatibility rule. For culture hammer, it varies from 120/to 240 Volts. Eaton is compatible with Culter with Voltage around 120/240 Volts. 

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Current Flow Or Amperes

Choosing the right amperes also matters alot for compatible connection. If your system is not compatible to hold more current flow, it will heat up soon to turn the whole system faulty. In a compatible circuit breaker, it will either break the circuit instead of heat more. Experts recommend choosing 120%  of the actual load. Choosing a high ampere is the right decision to cope with wires heating up.

Water & Moisture Protection

It’s important to consider breaker safety options when you live in a rainy or snowy area. If breakers are not protected well from rain, the wires will rust up and seize functioning. If you cant change environmental conditions, keep the system lubricated. 

Two Conductive Contact Plates

When you’re replacing the circuit breaker of the cutler hammer, make sure to check two conductive contact plates. The first plate is stationary called the bus bar which carries 120 Volts. The second plate is moving called trip bar which carries 24 Volts. This trip bar is responsible for disconnecting the breaker in case of heat and wire damage.

5 Types Of Breakers Compatible With Culter Hammers

There are 5 different types of circuit breakers compatible with Culter’s Hammer. You can choose according to the model you’re working with. Let’s get into the details of each compatible circuit:

#1-Low Voltage Circuit Breaker

Low Voltage circuit breakers suited to domestic and commercial electrical needs rated up to 600Volts. The air break circuit breaker is an example of the lowest electric needs. This breaker either protects the entire circuit or individual electric equipment. 

Low Voltage Circuit Break System CBS is further divided into two categories:

  1. MCBs- Miniature Circuit Breaker
  2. MCCB-Molded CaseCircuit Breakers

#2-High Voltage Circuit Breaker

High Voltage Circuit Breakers are suitable for circuits with Volts ratings higher than 600Volts. These circuits operate in standard voltage ratings of 4160 to 765000 Volts and three phases interrupting ratings of 50,000 to 50,000,000 kVA. This type of circuit is used in High Volt transmission lines. It protects the transmission lines and grid power system. Types of this circuit are:

  • Magnetic air Circuit Breaker
  • Compressed air circuit Breakers
  • Oil Circuit Breakers
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#3-Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

A medium voltage circuit breaker is one that is suited for circuits rated at 120/240 Volts. They are very common, you can find them in houses, industries, and even in electric circuits of railways. They are not good to operate at low voltage. These circuits can also be operated manually. Below are the types of medium voltage circuit breakers:

  1. Air Circuit Breakers
  2. Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  3. Oil Circuit Breakers
  4. SF6 Circuit Breakers in Gas Circuit Breakers

#4-Thermal Circuit Breakers

The thermal circuit breaker is made up of bimetal strips. It breaks due to overload as the strip deflects. It is used in heavy-duty motors and transforms against overload. When metal is heated up due to current flow it causes deflection and breaks the circuit automatically. Temperature is the main indicator to break the circuit in this type of breaker.

#5-Magnetic Circuit Breakers

A magnetic Circuit breaker is the latest system to protect the circuit from the excess of current and short circuits. Nowadays it is used to replace old magnetic circuit breakers. It is designed with a multi-dimensional EM coil that changes its polarity with current flow. It is compatible with Culter hammers like all the above breakers. 

How Do Circuit Breakers Function

Circuit breakers are automotive electric safety equipment to protect circuits from damage as a result of overheating. It has a fuse that works to interrupt the electric flow to protect the equipment. This phenomenon is known as a short circuit.

When the load on the wires of the circuit increases, the fuses close the circuit by disconnecting the electric flow. It happens mostly when wires are low quality and high voltage enters in system suddenly. It helps with overheating and erupting fire. The fuse will restart when the voltage situation gets better. Some breakers have a manual switch to restart once disconnected.

Square D Compatibility With Cutler’s Hammer

The production right of Square D and Culter hammer is from the same company. Although the nameplate is different yet they are the same. First Westinghouse got the right to produce a low voltage circuit hammer. It then shifted its right to Square D. From here, Eaton got the right and shifted finally to Culter Hammer. 

No worry all are the same but nameplates are different. They are compatible with one another except for high-tech electronic models. 

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Eaton Compatibility With Culter’s Hammer

It’s a very difficult task to find the parts of centuries-old manufactures breakers. Even you can swap out the part of the breaker manufactured by one company with another. However, there are examples when one manufacturer gets the legal rights to the production of two different brands of breakers. The same happened in the case of Eaton

Eaton and Culter both come from the same company. Moreover, the company has got the legal right to produce breakers under two different name labels. Both are compatible with the same manufacturers.

What Brand Is Cutler’s Hammer Compatible With

Culter’s hammer is compatible with the following brands:

  1. Square D
  2. Wellingtnhouse
  3. Eaton

They are all interchangeable and compatible with each other. However, you should know the exact model.

People Also Ask

Is Eaton The Same as Culter’s Hammer?

Yes, both are identical. Eaton owner has the legal right to interchange breakers with Cutler’s. They are actually two different nameplates of the same brand. They do similar functions, only sold under a different label.

What Breakers Are Interchangeable?

Breakers that are tested and approved by UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory) are legally interchangeable and trusted. Manufacturers decide and recommend which brand of breakers are interchangeable or not.

Are Murray and Cutler’s Hammer Breaker Interchangeable?

Technically, Murray and Cutler’s breakers are interchangeably but not legal. It requires local codes to know if it is permitted or not. Dont forget to check the UL listing. The only legal substitute for Murray is Siemen.

Can You Mix Breakers Brand?

No, never it’s prohibited to mix different breaker brands. Although they all look the same and do the same function yet they are different in their specification. Some breakers fit well to low voltage, while others to high voltage. So, it is recommended not to install breaker panels from different brands.


It’s impossible to ensure safe electric transmission without using breakers. There are many types of breakers, some are manufactured on old technology, while others deploy modern techniques. 

Its manufacturers to introduce breakers compatibility rules. If you are in search of a breaker best fit with Cutler hammer, try one from the above five mentioned types. The one which is suitable for technical requirements would be compatible with Cutler’s hammer. Chose right, stay tight!

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