What Happens If I Stop Paying My Solar Lease

What Happens If I Stop Paying My Solar Lease

If you stop paying your solar lease, the solar system may be repossessed and the leasing company may take legal action to recover unpaid fees. This could result in financial consequences and damage to your credit score.

Furthermore, if you decide to sell your home, the lease agreement may transfer to the new homeowner, potentially causing complications in the sale process. It is crucial to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of your solar lease agreement and consider the long-term financial implications before entering into such a commitment.

What Happens If I Stop Paying My Solar Lease

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Consequences Of Defaulting On A Solar Lease

Defaulting on a solar lease can have serious consequences. The lender may seize and repossess your solar system if the lease is secured. Additionally, solar leases are not eligible for federal tax credits, and if you move, you may need to buy out the remaining money left on the lease.

Defaulting on a solar lease can have several consequences, including potential legal actions from the leasing company, negative impact on your credit score, and the risk of losing access to solar energy. Let’s take a closer look at each of these consequences:

Potential Legal Actions From The Leasing Company:

  • Repossession of the solar panels: If you stop paying your solar lease, the leasing company may have the legal authority to repossess the solar panels installed on your property. This means they can come and physically remove the panels from your home or business.
  • Lawsuits and court judgments: The leasing company may take legal action against you by filing a lawsuit for breach of contract. If they win the case, a court judgment may be issued against you, requiring you to pay back the remaining lease balance, along with any associated legal fees.
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Negative Impact On Credit Score:

  • Late payment records: When you default on your solar lease, the leasing company will report your missed payments to credit bureaus, which can significantly impact your credit score. This can make it difficult for you to obtain credit or loans in the future.
  • Lower creditworthiness: Defaulting on a solar lease can also lower your creditworthiness, making it harder to secure favorable terms for future financial transactions.

Risk Of Losing Access To Solar Energy:

  • Suspension of solar energy generation: If you fail to make lease payments, the leasing company may disconnect or disable your solar energy system, preventing you from accessing its benefits. This means you won’t be able to generate clean, renewable energy or enjoy potential savings on your electricity bills.
  • Loss of incentives and tax credits: Some solar leases include incentives and tax credits that are contingent upon continued lease payments. If you default on the lease, you may lose these financial benefits.

Remember, defaulting on a solar lease is a serious matter and can have long-term consequences. It’s important to understand your lease agreement and financial obligations before entering into any solar lease contract.

Options When Unable To Pay For A Solar Lease

If you are unable to pay for a solar lease, you may face consequences such as defaulting on the lease and potential repossession of the solar system. It is important to contact your solar provider to discuss your options, which may include buying out the lease or transferring it to a new location.

If you find yourself unable to keep up with the payments for your solar lease, there are several options you can consider. It’s important to explore these options before making a decision to stop paying, as defaulting on your lease can have serious consequences.

Here are three potential solutions to consider:

Negotiating A New Payment Plan With The Leasing Company:

  • Contact the leasing company as soon as you realize you may have trouble making payments.
  • Explain your situation and ask if they would be willing to work out a new payment plan that better fits your financial circumstances.
  • Discuss the possibility of reducing monthly payments or temporarily pausing payments until you are able to catch up.
  • Keep in mind that leasing companies may be more inclined to negotiate if you have a good payment history and demonstrate a genuine commitment to fulfilling your obligations.
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Exploring Lease Transfer Or Buyout Options:

  • Research if your leasing agreement allows for lease transfer or buyout options.
  • If you are unable to continue with the lease, you may be able to transfer it to someone else who is interested in taking over the payments.
  • Additionally, some leasing companies may offer a buyout option, allowing you to purchase the solar system outright and assume ownership.
  • Consider reaching out to the leasing company to inquire about these options and determine if they align with your financial situation and goals.

Seeking Financial Assistance Or Grants:

  • Look into local and national programs that offer financial assistance or grants for renewable energy projects.
  • Some organizations and government agencies provide support to individuals who are struggling to afford their solar lease payments.
  • Research eligibility requirements and application processes for these programs, as they may vary depending on your location and specific circumstances.
  • Keep in mind that these programs may have limited funding and a competitive application process, so it’s important to act promptly and provide all necessary documentation.

Remember, it’s crucial to address the issue of payment difficulty as soon as possible rather than ignoring it. By exploring and discussing your options with the leasing company and seeking available financial assistance, you may find a solution that allows you to continue benefiting from your solar lease without financial strain.

What Happens To The Solar Panels If Lease Payments Stop

If you stop paying your solar lease, the solar company has the right to repossess the solar panels. It’s important to contact your solar provider to discuss your options, such as buying out the remaining money on the lease or transferring the panels to a new location.

Ownership Rights And Responsibilities Of The Leasing Company:

  • The leasing company continues to own the solar panels even if lease payments stop.
  • They retain the right to access and maintain the panels.
  • The leasing company is responsible for any necessary repairs or replacements to the panels.

Potential Removal Of The Solar Panels:

  • If lease payments stop, the leasing company may choose to remove the solar panels from the property.
  • Removing the panels can be a costly and time-consuming process.
  • The leasing company may sell or reuse the panels elsewhere.

Impact On The Property Value And Selling Prospects:

  • The existence of a solar lease can affect the property value and selling prospects.
  • Potential buyers may be hesitant to purchase a property with a solar lease that has unpaid payments.
  • It may limit the pool of potential buyers, as some may not want to take over the lease agreement.
  • The property value may be negatively impacted, as the buyer would need to assume and continue the lease payments.
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Defaulting on a solar lease can have various consequences, including the leasing company retaining ownership of the panels, potential removal of the panels, and a potential impact on property value and selling prospects. It is important to fully understand the terms and implications of a solar lease before entering into an agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Happens If I Stop Paying My Solar Lease

What Happens If You Default On A Solar Lease?

If you default on a solar lease, the solar provider may repossess your system.

Can You Write Off A Solar Lease?

You cannot write off a solar lease as it is not eligible for the federal solar tax credit.

What Happens To Leased Solar Panels When You Move?

When you move, you can either move the leased solar panels to your new location or discuss your options with the company, which may involve buying out the remaining lease.

What Happens At The End Of A Sunrun Contract?

At the end of a Sunrun contract, the new buyers receive solar power until the agreement ends. Sunrun removes the solar system at no extra cost.

What Happens If I Stop Paying My Solar Lease?

If you stop paying your solar lease, the solar company may repossess the solar panels.


In the event that you stop paying your solar lease, there can be several consequences to consider. Firstly, if your solar lease is a secured type, there may be a lien on your solar system, giving the lender the legal authority to seize and repossess your system.

This means that you could lose the benefits of the solar panels and even face additional financial burdens. If you decide to sell your property, you may also need to transfer the lease to the new homeowner. This can be a viable option to avoid any penalties or repercussions.

However, it’s important to thoroughly review the terms and conditions of your lease agreement to understand the specific requirements and obligations. Additionally, if you have financed your solar panel system and file federal income tax, you may be eligible for the federal solar tax credit.

However, it’s worth noting that solar leases and solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) do not qualify for this tax credit. It’s crucial to assess your financial situation and carefully consider the potential repercussions of stopping payments on your solar lease before making any decisions.

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