What Does The 5 Leaf Clover Mean? [A to Z Meaning]

Have you ever been into a leaf tripping game in your childhood? If so, you know the importance of a number of leaflets. In clover lore, more leaves mean more bonuses!

This plant has naturally three leaflets. However, it is likely to have multiple leaves due to genetics.

This post will tell you not only the meaning of the 5th leaf but also the first, second, third, and fourth leaves. Each leaf has its meaning in myth and folklores originated especially in Ireland. Let’s be quick to move to the answer:

What does five-leaf clover mean? The most popular meaning of 5 leaf clover is wealth, abundance, and luck. The first leaf stands for faith, the second for hope, the third for love, the fourth for luck, and the fifth for wealth. However, the only reason for multiple leaflets in clover is a random genetic mutation, not superstitions. 

More than one leaflets of clover are usually variants. This mutation occurs extremely rarely as the number of leaves goes up. Thanks to leaves collectors of Ireland, vigorous research is ongoing on compound leave herb plants. 

Is It “Real” to Find 5 Leaf Clover

Yes, it is rare species. After scrolling one million, you are likely to find one with 5 leaf clover only. Now you can guess how rare they’re. It is very hard to find them naturally. They grow as a result of random mutation.

Recently, some growers have started their cultivation in Ireland with the name Rose Clover. Just like 4 leaf clovers, they can be cultivated successfully. If you want to grow them, you can find them in leaf collectors in Ireland at a particular price.

Brief Introduction of Clover

Clover is an herbaceous plant belonging to the pea family. It is found in the world’s subtropical regions and grows mostly in temperate zones. It has a globular flower head and compound leaves. It is a short-lived dense herb. The most popular species are Red Clover and White Clover.

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It is widely used as food for livestock. It contains nutrients like protein, phosphorous, and calcium. It is also used in medicines and spices. Its small and fragrant flowers actively attract bees. Red Clover is mostly used in medicines for treating arthritis, menopause symptoms, cough, asthma, and even cancer.

What Does a Five Leaf Clover Mean: 5 Meanings

The Clover plant usually has three leaves or leaflets. When this number increases higher due to genetics, it leaves are thought to represent luck, wealth, hope, love, and faith. Let’s discuss why they are associated with this positive symbolism:


According to one of the superstitions, the 5th clover leaf stands for good luck. If you find such a leaf you are going to be lucky in the future. However, there is no scientific interpretation of this belief. It is just a myth and no one has proved it so far.

Every person who used to keep five clover leaf herb species at home believes that it is traditional. People got this myth from their forefathers and especially Irish people attribute the central O of clover to good luck. There is no harm if you grow this plant and keep it at home to affirm this belief. The reality is somehow scientific. Science has nothing to do with this myth, it says its only genetic mutation responsible for the growth of the 5th leaflet.

#2-Financial Gain

Some clover growers grow it to get wealth. They believe it would bring abundance and financial gain to their homes. They love keeping this herb for the greed of wealth. This superstition is also traditional and associated with 5 clover leaflets for centuries. Now it has been common a common belief. People often go to nurseries and ask for five clover leaflet herbs. However, it is unproven fact scientifically. Also, the reason for the 5th leave is only mutation and nothing else in reality.


The fourth leave of clover is said to stand for Trinity. St Patrick used this Shamrock to represent Trinity. It is a common myth that if you find 4 leaf clovers you are likely to develop good faith. It is also used as a metaphor for Christianity in Ireland. If your clover has 5 leaves, the fourth one would be religious in meaning. Yeah!

Science is still silent on such superstitions. It only believes in genetic mutation, the only reason behind the production of 5th leave. Nothing else!

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Each leaf of the clover represents something. It is said that the second leaf stands for hope. Hope brings happiness in life. People love to grow this plant as it is thought to bring good hope to them. If you dont have this plant at your home, start seeding as soon as possible. Myths are myths and reality is reality. It’s true that plants have a good effect on the environment and human mood. However, there is no scientific clue that this plant can bring hope to dejected people. Still, if you grow it at your home, it will be your good companion.


The third leaf of clover is said to represent Love. If you grow it you will get love from your relatives, siblings, and everyone around you. This herb is a symbol of love also. So, the five-leaf clover offers a full package of positive emotions. If you want to be loved, you should get this 5 leaves clover immediately. Stop, if you dont find love, no need to blame these innocent plants.

 These are just superstitions associated wth this innocent plant to make the people grow it more and more. How a plant can bring emotions? Science has no data related to prove this superstition. It says again its genetic mutation responsible for the growth of multiple colver leaves.

Other Different Meanings Of 5 Leaf Clover

One of the famous astrologists named Avia attaches different meanings to this plant. She says, it symbolizes

  • Transition
  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Unpredictability.

The website of clover is even more active to adopt more symbolism for this herb. It attributes the properties of this plant as the symbolism of

  • Precognition
  • Intuition
  • Season suitable for transition

How Often Do You Find 5 Clover Leaf

Unfortunately, no official data exists to answer how often 5 leave clovers are found. According to rough estimation, only one plant in one million clovers grows 5 leaflets. The possibility of finding 4 leaf clover is one in every ten thousand. It also depends on how much you try to find your target leaflets.

More research and data are needed in this regard. Agriculturists are studying more genetic mutations to arrange statistical data for multi leaves clover. Soon they will be able to answer this question with reliable facts and figures. 

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Does 5 leaf Clover Mean Bad Luck: True Or False

Have you ever heard of this plant as a symbol of bad luck? If so, it could be a lie or a rumor. 

Does 5 leaf clover mean bad luck? No, almost all meanings of this herb are positive in impact. Even the leave collectors, botanists, and herbalists never attribute any negativity to this plant.

Its growers always seem happy with its good reputation. Beliefs are still beliefs and will continue to develop as time passes.

Botanists are doing efforts to discover more mutations. It’s the age of the digital world. People love to relate captions with photos. When botanists put the images of these compound leaf plants on social media pages, plant lovers enjoy commenting with captions. Some captions carry strong meaning and live for years. 

People Also Ask

What Does a 4 Leaf Clover Mean?

In Irish myth, 4 clover leaf stands for a spiritual symbol of the Trinity. It is related to Christianity. Moreover, each leaf among 4 leaflets represents different traits such as hope, love, faith, and luck. The fourth leaf is particularly for faith. 

What Does a 6 Leaf Clover Mean?

The 6th leave clove represents longevity and fame. If someone wants to be famous, he or she should try to find 6 leave clover. It’s an extremely rare genre. Only a few people have been successful in finding it in a few tries. 

What Does a 7 Leaf Clover Mean?

It’s even rare to find 7 leaf clover. For this reason, no meaning or symbol is attributed to it so far. The chances of finding 7 leaf clover are only one in 250,000,000, almost unseen yet exist.

Is it Lucky to Find a 5-Leave Clover?

Yes, in Irish tradition the one who finds this is thought to enjoy abundance and wealth in his life. The 5th leaf added in clover can add to your luck and money. It has different meanings for different people. Astrologists attribute it to intuition, unpredictability, and travel. Others attach it with balance, peace, recognition, and harmony. 

Last Lines

Now you have a long list of meanings and symbolism of clover. The most popular ones are the symbol of good luck and wealth. Other meanings are also important according to different cultural settings.

The notable thing that makes readers happy is that all meanings hold positivity. If your garden is still without clover,  you might be unlucky. Let’s kickstart Clover cultivation!

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