What Does It Mean To Have An Average Body Type? (14 Stunning ways to Get Ideal Body Shape)

What Does It Mean To Have An Average Body Type

Every man in this world has a distinct feature and body shape. Everyone has a unique body. No one is like anyone else. The average body shape can describe some familiar body characters.

The average body type means the central point of an exceptionally fit and strongly unfit body.

It is also the average overweight body and a skinny body. Different body types can attain an average body type by diet, exercise, and changing their lifestyle.

Let’s discover different types of body shapes, and also the ways to get the ideal body type.

What Does It Mean To Have An Average Body Type

When discussing the term average body type it is a measurement that has to investigate by taking the size/weight ratio of all the women in the population divided by the total number of women. This gives you the standard of that particular area of the subject to be taken.

What is the role of BMI Index in an average Body Type

BMI Index gives a simple mathematical value of a person’s thickness or thinness. This data does not discuss the exact shape or size of the body but provides valuable aspects of the margin line from which most people start obesity.

If the value is below the 18.5 it indicates underweight, 25 to 29.9 may refer to being overweight and over 30 or more than that will lead to obesity. 

Average Body Type Male

If you have a chance to visit different parts of the world you observe that the concept of the ideal male figure quite changes from place to place In some areas eight packed big grizzlies of 270 kg are ideal males while in some regions skinny guys.

On the bases of body type males can be divided into three forms.


Ectomorphs are skinny and slim persons with fast metabolism and low fats index. They gain weight with difficulty but loss weight easily.

Usually, they have a small body structure and delicate bones. They have a small body frame, narrow chest, and small shoulder.

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Increasing muscles, and gaining weight is a very tough task for these males therefore they are also named Hardgrainers


These can be best placed in average body type. These have normal metabolism and average height. They gain or lose weight easily and their muscles are strong. They may develop fat easily so check caloric intake. They can maintain an athletic physique by exercise, especially through cardio workouts.


 Endomorph is just opposite to ectomorph. They have a shorter height than average, slow metabolism, strong upper arm, and thick bone frame. They have undefined soft muscles, and can easily be built muscles.

Endomorphs have the potential to quickly gain weight gain therefore for bodybuilding and maintaining a proper figure they should continuously engage in cardio and tough exercise.

What Does It Mean To Have An Average Body Type

Average Body Type Male

Through essential research, it is estimated that the average body type should be close to these measurements. Here we compare the actual and ideal figures.

Weight: 197 lb actual while 186lb is ideal.

BMI: 29.1 actual while 27.5 is ideal.

Average self-confidence out of 10: 6.8 is real but 8.2 is ideal.

% of men who think it looks ideal (visual ideal):12% while 23% is ideal.

%of females with this body who want to reduce weight: 67% is real while 35% is ideal.

The average male should have grown muscles and a slightly thick structure. Slimming culture is more prominent in females than in males. So it is not a big surprise that 67% of men want to lose a small amount of weight while women want to be a significant reduction in weight to get the ideal attractive figure.

If an overweight man has the option to fix the weight, drops only 11lbs and exchanges fat for muscles.

So, on average females like to lose plenty of weight; men enjoy losing less weight and acquiring muscle; and – based on people already at the ‘ideal’ size – men would want a bigger increase in confidence if they could reach their idea of perfection.

Which Body Type is Best For Female and Male

It is observed that the male ideal is an inverted pyramid with a broad shoulder and a narrow waist. A female hourglass with a slim waist- to- hip-ratio is considered more attractive than any other type.

Some celebrities with banana-shaped figures also get fame.

Body Type Athletic Means

The very lucky and impressive body shape that is muscular, less curvy with fewer body fats.

You can attain this type if getting a balanced diet, good exercise, healthy lifestyle.

Medically this body type is more energetic and faces fewer health issues.

Female Body Types

Females are more sensitive to their body structure and shape. Different climatic and genetic factors determine the average body type of a female. Female body types can be best described under the following headings.

Triangle or “pear”

In this type, you have slim shoulders and bust but wider hips. The arm is fairly slim and your well-defined waist makes slopes to your hips.

This type has a strong tendency to gain weight on the hips and thigh.

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 For a balanced shape, you should create an illusion of volume on the upper body emphasizing the waist and de-emphasizing the lower body.


If you have a spoon-shaped body type you are lucky because it is ideal for dresses. It is similar to a pear-shaped body structure. This type of female has a narrow shoulder and bust but broad hips. They have a well-shaped waist and this will be more prominent in baby dolls or empire waist dresses.

Short dresses, A-line is the best option. Dresses with ruffles on shoulders, off the shoulder, or on one- shoulder is good to produce the illusion of volume on the upperside and low weight on the lower side.

Rectangle or banana(straight)

If your waist, hips, and bust are of the same size you have a rectangular body. You have a slim body and stylists often recommend off-the-shoulder tops, tube dresses, and belted waist. 


If the hips and bust are nearly equal in size and well defined narrow waist you have an hourglass body type. In this type, shoulders are rounded and lower body parts are proportionate to the whole body.

Men are more attracted to women of this body type this is because they linked curvy hips to good genes, health, and fertility.

Top hourglass

You have an hourglass body shape but your bust and shoulder are larger than your hips. Dresser advice bootcut flared pants or A-line skirt which give volume to lower body and you look pretty and balanced.

Bottom hourglass

In opposit to the top hourglass bottom hourglass show wider hips but small shoulder and bust this shape is looking pretty but there is a risk of increasing fats on the lower portion.

Inverted triangle or “apple” 

This type of female is mostly worried about their body shape because these people have a great mass around their belly. Avoid a high caloric diet otherwise, obesity invites many other diseases like heart attack, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

14 Ways to Get the Ideal Body Figure

There are many diet programs and exercise methods which not only improve your health but also make your figure close to the ideal one. Here we discuss fourteen stunning ways to get the ideal body type. 

1. Yoga 

With the help of yoga, you can reduce 1.5 to 2 inches in 3 months. Yoga poses such as Bow Pose, Boat Pose, and Reverse Warrior can trigger, shrink, and tone your deep body muscle.

2. Planks

Planks with other stability workouts start to trim your waistline and improve other healthy activities like running and cycling.

3. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

This type of cardio can blast your belly fats and burn many calories at a time. You have to do a quick burst of intense exercise like15 seconds of walking, and 30 seconds of running, and repeat this pattern for 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Squats

To improve the hips shape squatting is an extraordinary workout. Squads can help to trim your hip muscles. It will shape your glutes and thigh.

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5. Fire hydrant

Fire hydrant or dirty dog target your hip region and glutes. Try to accomplish two sets of 10 repetitions on both sides.

6. Lunges

For thigh and buttocks, lunges are the best exercise that not only tones but also creates lean muscles in your thigh and hips. 10 to 20 lunges are enough to lift the buttocks muscles.

7. Wall presses

For ideal curvy shoulders and waist, wall presses also called wall push-ups, are the best exercise. This will improve the biceps and triceps of your arm. 

8. Pushups

It is an old but impressive way to tone your shoulder’s pectoral muscles and make you overall active smart and healthy.

Start only with five pushups and then increases by one pushup daily 

9. Diet 

There is no magic diet that converts your apple shape body into an hourglass type. But there are some tips which can create a healthy and balanced figure. Try to focus on eating whole food. Take balance and the right portion of every food group.

10. Avoid sugar and processed food

Keep away from processed food. These are stuffed with salt, added sugar, and preservatives. Try to take fresh fruits, vegetables white and red meat, and whole grain

11. Avoid Soda Drinks

Drink plenty of water. Reduce the sugary soda or other drinks. Take herbal teas which are helpful in weight reduction  

12. Observe Portion Sizes

Eat only when you feel hungry. Keep an eye on your daily meal.

13. Healthy Fats 

Always takes healthy fats, like olive oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds. The Keto diet helps your hormones normal and reduce weight more rapidly without making you sick and weak.

14. Digestion problems

Digestion problems can affect not only your health but make your body shapeless. Probiotics improve your digestion

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Common Body Shape? 

The most common body shape is a rectangle, which makes up 46% of women. North Carolina State University conduct research on more than 6000 women in 2005. It shows that more than 46% of women are banana-shaped, over 20%were  pear-shaped while 14%are apple-like. Only 8%  were ideal hourglass-shaped 

What is The Rarest Body Shape?

Most attractive but very rare in the population is the hourglass body shape. Every woman would  dream of having this type of figure but only 8 out of 100 show this body type 

Bottom lines

Perfection either in body shape or figure is very rare and difficult. Sometimes there is a big gap between the real and ideal figure. But we present all points which will help attain the ideal body shape 

The average body type is the midpoint of a typical ideal type and extremely unfit figure. To clarify here, describe all body types, you should find which type of body shape you possess. No matter what body type you have, the key is to keep a balance weight, eat healthy food and stay energetic. You are beautiful and unique. So never be depressed and try to get an average type


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