What Does Eight of an Inch Look Like? [Tips To Measure]

what does Eight of an Inch Look Like

If you see on the ruler and measuring tape, there are few marks before 0. These marks represent quarter-inch, eight-inch and sixteenth inches. In this post, we’ll learn, the size of 1/8th of an inch, measuring tips, its decimal value, value in cm, and many more.

What does an eighth of an inch look like? Depending on the measuring tool, one eight of an inch lies between 0 to ¼. There are several marks between 0 and 8 such as ⅛,¼,⅜,⅝, and ⅞. This number is 3.175 in mm, 0.1375 in cm, and 1.25 in decimal 

It is very rare to measure the objects up to this measurement. However, ⅛ applies to the thickness of fabric and cooking materials. Simply the line having equal distance from 0 and equal distance from ¼ measures as ⅛. The midpoint of 0 and ¼ is close to 0 and far from 1.

What is 1/8th of An Inch

The small line found in between ¼ th of an inch denotes 1/8th of an inch on a ruler. To know more about 1/8th check the table below:

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Inches in FractionDecimal InchesMetric
1/8”0.125”3.18 mm
1/16”0.062”1.57 mm
1/32”0.031”0.79 mm

What Does 1/8th Of An Inch Look Like On the Ruler

On 12-inch Ruler, there are total 96 straight line marks. The mark of 1/8th is located right in between 1/4th of an inch mark on the ruler. When we move from 0 to 1 inch, there are small or big straight lines drawn upward down to represent 1/8, 1/4 (or 2/8), 3/8, 1/2 (or 4/8), 5/8, 6/8 (or 3/4), 7/8, and 1 (or 8/8) of an inch. 

The total number of marks on the ruler depends on how many inches of ruler you have. Whatever type of ruler you may get, the number of marks between 0 and 1 is always the same. So, this rule applies to almost all-size rulers.

Eight of an Inch Look Like

What Does 1/8th of An Inch Look Like On a Measuring Tape

Does it vary with tape size? On some measuring tapes, the size of quarter-inch and eight-inch marks are the same.

Normally, on measuring tape, the 8th of an inch is found in between any two ¼-inch marks. For this, you may need to locate 1/16 of an inch line which is the shortest line drawn on measuring tapes. On the standard measuring tapes of the USA, the marking starts down to 1/16 of an inch. On Standard measuring tapes, two sixteenth of an inch is equal to one eight of an inch, while two eight of an inch make one quarter. Similarly, 2 quarters make one half.

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How To Measure One Eight of an Inch

Now you know that ⅛ is anywhere between 0 and ¼ of an inch. Follow the steps below to measure 1/8th of an inch

Step-1: Locate 0 Of the ruler

Step-2: Locate the marks between 0 to ¼

Step-3: 3 marks measure ¾ of an inch.

Step-4  8 lines before mark 1 denote ⅛ th of an inch. 

It all depends on how marks on your rule and measuring tapes are marked. The process may vary according to metrics. 

To understand this process, dont forget to watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many eights are in Half Inch

Two eights make one quarter, while four eights are equal to one half.  Typically one might represent only one part of eight equal sessions. 

How big is an eight of an inch?

It’s not too big. If we convert the fractions to decimals, the value is 0.125. In mm it is 3.175. It is smaller than 3/16, ¼, and 5/16.

What is ⅛ of an inch thick?

The thickness of ⅛ would be only 0.125. In Millimeter, the thickness of ⅛ is only 3.175, not too much.

What object is ⅛ of an inch?

The thickness of pie dough is often recommended to be ⅛ of an inch. A coin stack is a popular object with a thickness of ⅛ of an inch. 

Last Lines

Understanding ruler is an art. If you’re good at it you’re good at maths and measurement. If your teacher is asking you to measure 1/8th of an inch, get help from the above post. Mathematical problems become easy when you see the conversion directly on the video. We’ve posted a very informative video for grade 4 students especially to solve the problems related to 1/8th of an inch in measurement questions. 

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